4 Basic Conversion Rate Optimisation Techniques

The purpose for a large majority of websites on the web is not only to build an online presence, market their products but to help convert users from essentially window shopping into consumers or repeat customers of whatever product/service that you are offering. Due to that, Conversion Rate Optimisation is becoming increasingly important for businesses to incorporate in their online marketing strategy.

Search Engine Optimisation and Conversion Rate Optimisation work both hand in hand to help any business not only grow their online presence on Google but also increases the chance that the users will enquire or purchase a product from your website. In this blog, we will go through some simple techniques in which you can use to help improve the conversion rate of your website.

Calls To Action (CTA)

This technique is the simplest to implement but can dramatically improve how well your website converts. The important thing you must remember when implementing a CTA on your website is that you must keep in mind the customer journey.

There can be multiple ways in which you use a CTA on your website. Whether you choose to write a conclusion paragraph at the end of a blog (like I have done in this blog) or you decide to feature a button with a CTA written inside (as you can see on our homepage).

The thing to remember when including a CTA is to ensure that the Call To Action is a link directing users to where you wish to contact you or purchase from. This could either be a Contact Page or a Product Page.

Contact Page

The end goal for users that land on your website is to contact you. So ensuring that your website has a contact page is essential for almost all websites. Which means that we want to make this page stand out for customers to reach from all parts of the website. This is why we include the Contact Page as part of the main navigation on all of our client’s website. As this is how business can open up the discussion with potential customers and convert them.

The contact page is always a good place to link to from any blog (as you will see at the sign off of this blog), landing page or even the homepage as this is the main channel of communication for customers.

Telephone Links

The web is increasingly becoming more and more mobile search heavy. The advancements in mobile technology has opened millions up to access the web from a small device in their pockets. This has meant that the focus on mobile has never been more important for technology companies and for online marketing.

This has meant that we have to push to make contact more convenient for mobile users. And what is more convenient that just tapping on a link to contact the business directly? Exactly. Telephone linking may only be a small thing to include but once contact is made with a potential customer it can be easier to convert them.

If you are new to digital marketing then you may be intimidated by the thought of coding. But the truth is, including a telephone link cannot be easier. Below we have included an example of a telephone link and a shortcut using WordPress.

<a href=”tel:01604-806020”>01604 806020</a>

Telephone Link

Live Chat

A more recent feature that is becoming more and more present on a lot of websites these days is the Live Chat feature. This grants a sales team a new channel in which they can gather contact information about anyone wishing to enquire about any service or product that you offer.

Live Chat is a great way in which you can humanise the business and brand with any potential customer, as you can interact in real-time through the messenger feature. Because Live Chat is considered less formal than Email, this gives off a more personalised experience for potential customers to reach out.

I hope that all the techniques mentioned above are useful to you. If you wish to find out more about digital marketing then please feel free to check out our other blogs. Additionally, if you wish to talk to us about digital marketing then get in touch or call us on 01604 806020.

Fraser Kerns

Fraser joined the Bright Design team as an SEO Executive. He’s responsible for identifying and implementing different strategies, techniques and tactics to achieve and exceed our client-partner’s objectives. Whether it be to increase traffic, lead generation or conversions, Fraser plays an important role in the marketing and delivery team.

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