2020 Digital Marketing Trends

The world is more connected through the internet than ever before! The world has become one massive global village of connected people from all different countries. It’s much faster to make connections with people in the case of business and personal terms. One press of a button and you could even have a live audience on a social media platform from all across the world. For businesses, these modern developments that we didn’t have 20 years ago provide so many opportunities whether that’s starting up a new business or trying to grow and develop an existing one. The importance of digital marketing is obvious and doesn’t need to be emphasised.

Digital marketing has grown from the days when it was solely just about emails, newsletters and pop up advertisements to much more advanced methods like SEO, personalised advertisements, social media, PPC and much more. That’s why we’re going to discuss the essential marketing trends for 2020 and help you discover ways that are effective but also efficient to promote your business.

Use multiple channels of social media

Most people’s lives revolve around social media now, instead of searching a company on Google sometimes people’s first thoughts are to jump straight onto social media and research about the company. Creating a presence for your business on social media can help you gain a better connection with customers and also help to get new customers to recognise your business. You could do live videos, Q&As and so much more to build a bond with clients; social media lets you bring the personality behind the business.

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Customer experience

We have all had our mail inbox flooded with newsletters and discount codes for multiple businesses. These messages are sent out in bulk to several different clients the company has had in the past and you can tell from the tone and formatting of the email that it was sent to multiple people and not just you. Your business can be different. Customers need personalised experiences to keep wanting to come back and use your business. Your main focus now should be to provide great customer service and experience that makes the customer want to keep on coming back for a lifetime.


Search engine optimisation holds a lot of significance within digital marketing and is one of the top ways that you can effectively grow your business. With the help of SEO, your business could easily be establishing a better online presence, as long as you use the best and latest practices.

Voice search

It was estimated that about 50% of online searches would be voice-based by 2020. Searching by voice has started to pick up the pace with more people having Alexa or a Google Home in the house making it much easier to do voice search. Voice search has been proven to improve customer experience, a very important part of digital marketing. 

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