5 of the Best Website Designs According to the Internet In 2019

One of our most popular blogs during 2018, we decided to update it with a new list of website designs that are the best in 2019 according to the internet!

2019 has seen a change in what are considered to be the best websites according to the internet in 2018, so we decided to give this blog a refresh by updating our list!

Although website design is a lot more than simply making a good-looking website, there are times when you come across a site which just makes you stop and think. Most websites tend to just go for a functional design, sticking to the branding of the company for the colour scheme and images, but there are a few which push the boundaries and really stand out.

A lot of websites opt for the clean and sophisticated look and feel. This Best DJ Stuff equipment review site which promotes all of the latest tech within the music industry does exactly that. The key principle with this site is speed, without compromising the look, feel, and quality.

Now, clearly, what makes a good website design is a matter of opinion and encompasses many factors, but we’ve compiled a list of a few that really caught our eye – and the eye of other web users. Every week we nominate beautiful, inspirational, incredible and perfectly practical websites for our Bright Design Site of The Week Award, with the runner-up winning our Commendation Badge. Follow our #SiteOfTheWeek hashtag to keep up to date with our recent picks, or submit your site for nomination!

As a web design agency, we’re always looking to push the boundaries ourselves, so it’s good to keep up to date with the curious and creative things other professional web design agencies are putting out there on the net. That’s why we’ve compiled a few sites for now that have struck our fancy, and will continue to add to this list.

As for these sites, whether it’s the aesthetic, usability, or interactivity, these all struck us as being at the forefront of web design. Hopefully, they’ll give you some inspiration when designing your own website!

What makes a good website design?

Before we get into the list, let’s quickly go over some of the aspects and features that help make up a good website design.

– The design clearly says who you are, what you do, and what visitors can do on your site.

– The design resonates with its target audience.

– The design is optimised for mobile and tablet devices.

– The design includes calls to action.

– The website design is dynamic and regularly changed and updated.

– The design is effective in building trust, communicating value, and guiding users to the next step of the buying (or other website) process.

The internet’s five best websites

1.      Airbnb

Airbnb’s website manages to couple minimalism with functionality to create a website that’s incredibly easy to use. The primary call to action, i.e. to search for rooms, is right in the centre of the homepage, and stands out boldly from the white background. It also has a number of suggestions beneath, so you can get inspiration for your next trip.


2.      ETQ Amsterdam


ETQ, an Amsterdam-based shoe company, go all out when it comes to realising their minimalist vision. Their site is completely free of clutter, allowing their products to take centre stage. The navigation works simply by scrolling down the homepage to each of their products, and the animations are beautifully smooth. There is a subtle burger menu which can be accessed by clicking the icon on the top left, and this provides concise information about their company and shoes.


3.      Woven Magazine


Woven Magazine’s site is simply a joy to spend time on. Another minimalist site, Woven allow their articles to take centre stage, as well as being easily navigable. Much like ETQ Woven Magazine also focuses on the visual and utilises scrolling effects, to make their site immersive, slick, and easy to use.


4.      Inside Abbey Road


Probably the most famous recording studio in the world, Google came along to give Abbey Road the Street View treatment, and create an incredibly immersive website that takes you inside both the studio, and the studio’s history. It has great sound design, making for a really immersive experience.


5.      A24 Films


Last but not least is A24, an independent entertainment company. Again, they use big bold images that transform into videos as you scroll over, with very little text ensuring they get their visual message across. Specialising in film production, A24 want their movies to take centre stage, so big screenshots with the title of the film draw you in to learn more.


We hope you enjoyed this little round up of some of the best websites on the internet, and if you have any of your own suggestions for us to add to this list then do let us know!


If you also have any suggestions for our Site of The Week nominations, then do drop us an email or message us on Facebook or Twitter.

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