5 Ways To Gain Awareness For Your Brand

There are a lot of benefits to using social media, there are more than 3 billion using social media around the world. Social media is inexpensive and effective, especially for increasing brand awareness. All brands should be on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

Explore Your User Demographics

It is very important to decide which social media platform your business will want to spend time working on. It’s important to work out your audience and what type of social media they use, then go from there.

For example, as sprout social suggests on Facebook, 74% are female and 62% are male. Facebook also has 81% of 18-29 year olds and 78% 30-49 year olds. So, if you are looking to target females of the ages between 18-49, this would be a good place to start.

With Instagram 72% of users are 13-17 years old and only 10% are 65+. Therefore, you wouldn’t bother targeting that 10%. When there is 41% of that demographic on Facebook.

The main platforms you should look into are the following, for all brands, at least 2-3 of these will be instrumental in building your brand:

  •         Facebook
  •         Instagram
  •         Twitter
  •         Reddit
  •         YouTube
  •         Tik Tok
  •         Snapchat
  •         LinkedIn

facebook, twitter, google, pinterest, instagram, youtube, linkedin

Ensure Brand Consistency 

With social media it is very important to be consistent. Customers like connecting with brands that maintain the same throughout their brand life, customers like seeing things which are visually satisfying. Again, depending on your demographic, your brand could interact with the customer by posting memes, which customers can relate to. You will want to do this because customers will then re-share the post and then people will find your social media.

Run Online Competitions

Everyone likes a freebie, so competitions are a winner for contestants and for the business, especially when you ask people to like the page, post and tag your friends. Doing this will increase your following, shares and likes. With more followers, potential customers will believe trust in your company more. If there was a company with less than 50 followers selling £50 jumpers, you wouldn’t want to give your payment details incase it is a scam. 

Implement Influencer Marketing

Many brands decide to pay a few quid for influencers. Such as Youtubers, they do this so their product is then featured on their blogs/vlogs or even just pictures and a tag of the brand name. Many people buy just after seeing what an influencer has worn/talked about. Some influencers won’t charge a fee and they will be happy with just free products.

Hashtag Your Content

Having a hashtag for a unique campaign/event is a good way to promote the event, it is good because when clicking on the hashtag – it will take you to everything relevant to the hashtag. This is common on the following platforms; Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. 

Now you have read these five great tips, it will help you boost your social media for your brand and reach you to your goals. Always make sure you’re posting the best content and making an amazing impression. 


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