How to Repurpose Old Content To Boost Rankings

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Repurposing old content is an essential SEO tactic. It helps to make your content more valuable and relevant to today’s climate. Repurposing content also keeps your evergreen content fresh and furthers its reach. 

Search algorithms are constantly changing. What is currently a high-ranking piece of content may not always be the case. Upgrading your content regularly will help you to stay ahead of the game and give your site the best chance to rank higher. 

In this article, we’ll explore some of the more unique ways that you can repurpose old content to help boost your rankings. With 92% of the market share in digital search, Google is sitting firmly on top. So, this article will be referring to Google search when we talk about ranking in search engines. 

1. Transform your content into a Quiz

repurpose old content to quiz

Quiz Maker

Quizzes can be a truly unique way to convert your content into media that’s more engaging. By creating quality, engaging content you’ll increase time spent on-page, site interactions, and lower bounce rates. All of which help you to rank on Google

Quizzes are among some of the most shared content on social media and still are for good reason.  In fact, they’ve been found to have over double the completion rate when compared to more passive content such as blogs. 

What’s more, if you’re using your quiz content as a way to capture leads then you’ll be keen to learn that the average landing page conversion rate is a mere 2.35% with the top 25% of Landing Pages only converting just over 5% of all visitors. 

Implementing a quiz as your landing page could help to double that, as well as rank outside of your advertising efforts.   

If one of the questions within the quiz is an email request and others are essential information you need for your sales funnel, then you’re on to a winner. You’ve given your content an above-average chance of completion. It’s more engaging, which will help it to rank on Google, and a lead acquisition tool, too. 

2. Use Infographics

use infographics


There’s no question about it, the internet loves a good infographic. They’ve been known to boost views by up to 72% as well as generate 178% more backlinks. That’s a whopping amount of readers and links back to your site that you can generate by converting older content into infographic content.    

Take a look at your content and see what actionable points you can create out of it. Do you have statistics in your content that are uniquely yours? If so, they need to be an infographic. 

At the same time, if you have standalone sentences or quotes that would capture someone’s attention and are unique to the topic you’re discussing then look to see how you can convert this into an infographic as well. 

Your content not only becomes more valuable but it also becomes more shareable as you make other people’s jobs easier. 

3. Create a Podcast

create podcast


Fun fact, more than half of US consumers above the age of 12 currently listen to podcasts. 82% of Podcast listeners spend more than seven hours a week listening to them. That’s more than seven hours a week of opportunity your brand has to create an impression on someone. 

By turning your content into a podcast you’re not only diversifying your content portfolio, but you’re also giving yourself access to an entirely new market of people that are actively choosing to listen to what you have to say. 

There are only 850k active podcasts out there and, at the beginning of this year, there were only 30 million podcast episodes in the world. Sound like a daunting number? Well, there are over 10 million blog posts published every day. 

Three days of global blogging currently accumulates to a lifetime of global podcasts. 

We’ll let that sit with you awhile. 

4. Consider a Social Media Series

social media marketing

Etsy on Pinterest

 Despite its saturation, social media is far from a lost cause. With close to half of the world’s population currently using social media to some extent, there are more than enough eyes to greet, and thumbs to stop. 

Breakaway from the obvious ways of repurposing or distributing content, like a Facebook or Instagram post, and start to think of more innovative ways you can create valuable social media content that works. 

This method adds to your off-site SEO strategy, despite social media not helping us to rank directly.

What social media can help with is brand awareness and an increase in clicks to your site. How? Exposure via social platforms and brand name recognition in search. 

A few ways you can repurpose content are: 

  • Pinterest Boards
  • Twitter Threads
  • Instagram Stories 
  • LinkedIn Live
  • YouTube “How To” Playlists 
  • Vimeo Channels 
  • TikTok Videos & Challenges

The traditional newsfeed may be tough competition on some channels, but think outside the box and capitalize on some of the less saturated playing fields. 

5. Gated Webinars with Special Guests

Webinar example


There’s no harm from calling in the cavalry from time to time. Look at your best performing content and identify how you can expand on it. What can you create that is more than a 1,200-word article? 

Webinars are an incredibly thoughtful way for brands to provide live value to their guests. With tools like Zoom, Circles, and Google Hangouts available you’ll be able to host an interactive webinar that provides value and collects leads in the process. 

If you’re hoping to rank for this content then call help. Invite special guests and host panels, one-to-one fireside chats, whatever you can think of to feature people that will have audiences you’re looking for. 

These guests will also help to bring a new twist to your old content. Create a content plan with them before the webinar and support your off-site and on-site SEO efforts. 

Lastly, transform this content once again after the webinar. We’re not talking about downloading the live workshop and making that available to the general public. Respect your content and the time you put into creating it, keep it gated and create mini-masterclasses from the live webinar. 

Wrapping Up

Thanks for taking the time to read this article and hopefully you managed to find some unique ways to repurpose your old content. Remember, there are different areas of SEO that you can focus on and it’s important to incorporate on-site, technical as well as off-site tactics to keep your content fresh, reach new audiences, and rank higher in search.

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