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    Content Marketing

    In the modern digital marketing world, content is key.

    Carefully crafting the content that speaks directly to your customers is one of the most powerful marketing strategies you can use, and is used in countless other businesses today to drive traffic and sales.

    73% of major organisations have a dedicated content marketing strategist, and 88% of B2B marketers now use content marketing within their strategy.

    Many people don’t realise that the content that you use on your website, in your email mailouts, in your newsletters, on your social platforms is the only real communication you have with your potential customers. So, it matters.

    Every word, every sentence, every article you put out into the digital world represents your brand’s voice, your brand’s personality – and it’s this that really sells. Your company needs to sell more than just products and services. People need someone they can trust, and you can provide that through your brand.


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“Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.” - Andrew Davis

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Here at Bright Design we take security very seriously:

    We do not sell data
    We do not share data unless compelled by law
    We do not ask for personal information unless it is to provide a service
    We do not store personal information, unless required for the ongoing operation of services
    What you share with us will remain private.
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    How we can help you

    Our team of experienced content marketers will work with you to define the messages you want to convey and the brand image you want to represent your company so that we can tailor a content strategy that complements what you do and helps you connect with your audience.

    We don’t just write content that speaks to your customers, we get into their psyche and analyse their motivations, tune into the way they feel and think, their wants and needs, and what draws them to your business. From this we can create content that excites and engages your audience, compelling them to connect with your company. This in turn generates trust between customer and supplier, helping to drive up sales.

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    What is content marketing?

    It’s about making you stand out from the crowd. By definition, content marketing is the planning and creation of content for a variety of mediums (email, website, social media, blog, and more) that helps retain and acquire new customers. But we think it’s so much more.

    The benefits of hiring a team to manage your content marketing for you is that you get the knowledge of several experts, without having to hire anybody full-time. And since our Bright Design team have experience organising business content strategies for a variety of businesses in a multitude of industries, you can relax knowing we’ll have the perfect content strategy for your industry.

    With a team you can trust to deliver your brand message to the digital world, you can rest easy and get back to doing the important stuff while we take care of getting your name out there. Striving to offer interesting and useful information to your customers, our strategy for you revolves around adding value. By offering value to your clients online, we add value to your brand and help you become recognised as an authority within your niche. There’s no good being an incredible business if you don’t get the credit!

  • Content campaigns made with love

    Because every business is different, no content marketing campaign is the same so we build a bespoke strategy every time, based around you and your budget. With experience in nearly every industry we can help you understand what your business needs, even if you don’t know yourself. It’s our job to find the perfect solution for your needs. Crafting a plan that suits your niche, using insider knowledge about what your clients like and need, and doing in-depth industry research we can target your digital marketing and email marketing to expand and solidify your customer following online.

  • It’s time to start making you some money

    Enough chat. Let’s get to the action. Get in touch today and talk to one of our experts who will take you through some of the content strategies that would work for you, and what would work for your budget. However you’d like to spend, we have a solution to suit you. We understand that content marketing and digital marketing is often overlooked for its value so we’d rather you see the power it can have for yourself, and then invest as much as you’d like.