5 Benefits of Content Marketing

There is a good chance that you have heard of content marketing. Content marketing is an inbound technique, that is used to help you engage with and attract your audience and build relationships with prospective customers. In turn, this will help to increase your business’s sales. However, when implementing content marketing into your business you may be faced with a few obstacles. These could include coming up with engaging content ideas and finding the time to write the content.

As with any new technique for your business, you may be asking yourself – does this strategy really have the power to help my business thrive? The answer is yes! Content marketing is one of the most effective, practical, and beneficial digital marketing approaches that your brand can use to reach out to new customers and captivate them.

Advantages of content marketing – table of contents

Content marketing drives conversion
Build authority and trust
Increase brand awareness
Improve search rankings
Grow an audience of brand promoters

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Advantages of Content Marketing

Content marketing has changed the way that many advertise their businesses online. Rather than getting people to buy through ads, businesses now rely on high-quality content to draw in customers from targeted audiences. There are many benefits when it comes to implementing content marketing into your strategy, here are just a few of our top benefits…

Content Marketing Drives Conversion

One benefit of content marketing is that it helps your company drive more conversions in the long term. Research shows that businesses who create dependable high-quality content experience conversion rates that are almost six times higher than their competitors who don’t put the effort into content marketing. This shows that putting time into content marketing pays off by resulting in more leads and higher conversion rates.

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Build Authority and Trust

A company that produces high-quality content also establishes itself as an authority on the topics relating to its products and services. Clients want material that helps them to make smart purchase choices – making content that focuses on how a product can help resolve a problem an invaluable resource. Traditional ads are still a very effective way to promote their business, but they aim to tell customers why they should purchase the product, and the benefits they will have if they do purchase it. Whereas, on the other hand, content marketing shows what a product or service can do for the target audience group and provides them with the freedom to choose which best fits their needs with the information that they have read over.

Increase Brand Awareness

The more content a company creates, the more prominence its brand will receive. An extremely visible and helpful brand incorporates the thoughts of clients, this way content marketing can ensure that the first impressions people have of the company are positive. Brand precise language in blogs and articles helps clients to connect with the company’s brand, this means that when they are looking for a product that needs to fit a certain requirement, they’re likely to remember you instead of your competitors.


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Improve Search Rankings (SEO)

The content creation that forms the backbone of content marketing involves the use of appropriate keywords, and keyword-rich inbound links. They are both decent SEO processes that can boost the search engine ranking of a website. When keywords are used naturally during the creation of the content, the content is expected to rank high in the organic search results. Search engines like new content, a strategy such as a constant stream of high-quality blogs is one way in which to be sure that indexing spiders crawl the site regularly.

The more optimised your site becomes for search engines like Google, the more visibility you will have online. For instance, if you wrote about SEO and optimised the blog post, if someone was to then search for “what does SEO mean?” on Google, they will then be able to locate the blog you have written. Using the same title as their search query will help to bring prospective customers to your site, allowing them to learn more about their enquiry. This also enables the readers to find out more about how your brand can help them, and potentially come back if they have a similar or related question.

Grow an Audience of Brand Promoters

Content marketing works to drive purchase choices by informing the customer of the pros of purchasing a specific brand or product. Constant positive practices build trust, which in turn, increases customer loyalty to specific brands. A satisfied customer will talk about the product or service they purchased with their friends and family, therefore, when someone needs a similar service/product they know that their friend has had a good experience with you which makes you more trustworthy. They may even recommend the product or service to others through social media channels, tagging your business in photos. Asking returning customers to fill in Google reviews is also really useful for your business.

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Should I use Content Marketing?

In conclusion, when content marketing is handled properly, content drives traffic to your site, increases brand loyalty, and helps to create a solid customer base. A business that uses high-quality content to show a customer how they can benefit from its products or services, will have a prominent web presence. The more quality content you create, and the more material you share on your social media channels will help to draw potential customers over to your website. Once your customers start to see how useful and valuable your content really is, they will have no choice but to follow your brand on Instagram, Twitter and wherever else you may be to keep up with all of your news and updates. No matter what industry you’re in or what size your company is, you can start using content marketing to reach new levels, and engage with your target audience.

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