5 Benefits of Content Marketing

There is a good chance that you have heard of content marketing. Content marketing is an inbound technique, that is used to help you attract and engage your audience to build relationships with prospective customers in an organic and natural way. In turn, this will help encourage prospects and leads to learning more about your products and services, making them more qualified to purchase. However, when implementing content marketing into your business you may be faced with a few barriers. These could include coming up with a consistent stream of engaging content ideas or simply finding the time to create the content.

As with any new marketing technique, you may be asking yourself – will this strategy really have the power to help my business grow and thrive? The answer is yes! Attracting your audience by leveraging content is often one of the cheapest marketing tactics to implement when compared to the costly outbound methods like TV and Broadcast. Content marketing is one of the most effective, practical, and beneficial digital marketing approaches that your brand can use to reach out to new customers and captivate them. Nevermind the opportunities that can arise when you pair your content strategy with Inbound Marketing.

Advantages of Content Marketing – Contents

Content marketing drives conversion
Build authority and trust
Increase brand awareness
Improve search rankings
Grow an audience of brand promoters

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Advantages of Content Marketing

Content marketing has changed the way that many advertise their businesses online. Rather than attempting to push visitors to purchase through often disruptive ads, businesses can now rely on their high-quality content to attract prospective customers from targeted audiences. There are many benefits when it comes to implementing content marketing into your strategy, here are just a few of our top benefits…

Generate Better Quality Traffic

If you produce content that is targeted to your desired audience or group of personas, the traffic that is generated from that content is likely to be of better quality and much more qualified to make a purchasing decision. Studies have shown that businesses who create and share high-quality content earn conversion rates that are almost six times higher than their competitors who aren’t investing in content. It’s also worth noting that the more often you produce quality content the more frequently users are likely to visit your website. This shows that putting time into content marketing pays off by resulting in more prospects and leads for your business.

Build Authority and Trust

Businesses that produce high-quality content also establish themselves as a knowledge authority on the topics relating to their products and services. Producing content that highlights how a product, service, or solution can help resolve a problem is a resource that your visitors will find invaluable. Whilst traditional ads are still a very effective way to promote your business, they are commonly disruptive and don’t provide value to the user. In fact, almost 24% of UK adults have AdBlock software installed on their devices. Content marketing, on the other hand, shows how a product or service can help overcome barriers and achieve goals, leaving your visitors feeling empowered.

Increase Brand Awareness

The more content a company creates, the more likely it will be able to attract new visitors, as well as repeated visitors. With thanks to technology, even the smallest of brands can gain worldwide recognition using content. Your target audiences and personas will be researching symptoms to a problem, you’ve just got to provide the right diagnosis whilst subtly encouraging them to explore your solutions. If you don’t offer the right content that your audience is searching for you can’t expect anyone to be able to find your business. Additionally, if you put together a particularly compelling piece of content you can expect your visitors to share it with their network, extending that brand awareness even further.

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Improve Search Rankings (SEO)

The content that forms the backbone of content marketing involves the use of appropriate keywords, and keyword-rich inbound links. They are both great SEO tactics that can boost the search engine ranking of a website. In-terms of SEO, high-quality content can keep your users on pages for longer, reducing bounce-rates and promote users to visit other topics you have available. Search Engines like Google will always sway preference to pieces of content that are unique and explores new topics, a content plan that generates a consistent stream of high-quality blogs is one way in which to be sure that indexing spiders crawl the site regularly.

The more engaging and valuable your content is, the more likely it is to be recognised by users online as well as search engines. Don’t fall into the trick of sprinkling keywords into your content in an unnatural way, search engines will pick-up on this and penalise you accordingly, additionally, it makes for a bad user experience too.

Content marketing also opens up new opportunities when it comes to link-building too, earning backlinks from other websites for a blog post you produced will have a positive impact on your ranking and search visibility.

Better ROI

Traditional outbound marketing techniques are commonly a huge resource drain for marketing teams, costing both time and money with no guarantee of getting the results your striving to achieve. Content marketing is a much more cost-effective alternative, this is due to your prospects seeking you and your solutions, not the other way around. Investing in content marketing can be more be considered more of the ‘waiting game’ as it’s not intended to achieve quick wins. However, content marketing gains the interest of more qualified leads and in turn conversions for your business.

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Should I use Content Marketing?

In conclusion, effective content marketing can drive traffic to your site, increases brand loyalty, and help create a solid customer base. Businesses that use high-quality content to show a customer how they can benefit from their products or services, will have a prominent web presence. The more quality content you create, and the more material you share on your social media channels will help to draw potential customers over to your website. Once your customers start to recognise how valuable your content is, they’ll be encouraged to follow your social channels or return to your website for updates. No matter what industry you’re in or what size your company is, you can start using content marketing to attract and engage your target audiences.

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