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    Are too many of your visitors abandoning their online shopping cart?

    Are customers landing on your site but leaving straight away?

    Is your site working hard for you? Could it work harder?

    At Bright Design, we are passionate about optimising your website to not only bring you traffic, but also to get the till ringing.

    If your website is bringing you traffic but not generating the leads it should be, if you haven’t quantified the sales your website is bringing in, if you don’t know what your conversion goals are, or are yet to set them, then we can help. Our team at Bright Design work with businesses across the UK to formulate a CRO strategy, and put it into place, for optimal results.

    Using A/B Split testing and multivariate testing, inclusive within your CRO package, we continually evaluate your websites and webpages to optimise for conversions, and to bring you the business. As well as A/B Split testing, we create a custom conversion optimisation strategy for your business, based on your audience and business niche, so that we can use techniques tailored to you to get the best results.

    We’re in the business of getting you business. It’s exactly that.

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“It’s much easier to double your business by doubling your conversion rate than doubling your traffic.” – Bryan Eisenberg

  • football in goal representing conversions as a goal

    What is a conversion?

    A conversion is a defined action that you want users visiting your website to complete. Conversions are quite simply a goal, big or small, on a user’s journey towards buying products or services from your business.

    These can include:

    • Completing a purchase
    • Signing up to a newsletter or mailing list
    • Registering for an online account
    • Completing a download
    • Click to call on mobile
    • Engaging in Live Chat
    • Referring a friend
    • Filling out a contact form

    These of course are just a few of the common conversion examples which we can track and optimise for your website. Most often the tracked conversion or goal completion ‘converts’ (hence the name) the site visitor into a customer or lead, however we can also track and optimise smaller goals such as when a visitor navigates to your contact page or proceeds to the checkout.

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    What is conversion rate optimisation?

    Conversion Rate Optimisation (also known as Conversion Optimisation or CRO) is the process of optimising the look and layout of your website so that visitors are more likely to convert into leads or customers.

    To do this we work closely with you to outline your key aims and objectives, and combined with our experienced knowledge of the best web conversions to track and optimise, our Bright Design CRO experts will help make your website work hard for you, as it should do. Our team take a calculated approach, evaluating your CRO strategy and site’s progress constantly, and testing previously successful hypotheses and refining them until you get the best possible results.

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  • crash test dummy sat at laptop representing a b testing

    A/B Split Testing

    At Bright Design we use A/B split testing to ensure that the changes we make to your site really are delivering, and are the best optimisation techniques for your business, industry or type of site. Shoppers in certain sectors search in different ways online, so optimising your website in the best way possible needs to be tested and evaluated as to the success of its conversions.

    A/B testing is a method where we compare two versions of a webpage with optimisation in place on one page. If the optimised page is more successful than the second page, then we can confirm the variations in design, structure or content has helped optimise conversions for that page. We continue to repeat this split testing process until we have refined your pages to their optimal design and they are generating the most amount of leads and sales possible.

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  • Bright Design that's hard to miss

    At Bright Design, we do exactly what our name says on the tin. We design, brightly. In some cases this is literal (bright colours can be great for catching your visitors’ attention and colour psychology can help draw clients into converting), but mostly we mean our bright designers lead the industry in creating clever, innovative layouts and tactics that tap into your audience’s psyche, leading them down the right converting path.

    This can be as simple as making small tweaks to the content or design, but including (or omitting) certain features in the right way have been proved to hugely improve conversions. For instance Obama shortened his donation form and included easily visible buttons, and buttons have been proved in multiple other instances to increase user engagement. Content Verve also found that omitting wording to do with “spam” with email sign ups helped conversions, even though the wording specifically stated that they would “never spam you!”. The spam seed had been placed and the loss of trust made conversions drop by 18.70%. The test was repeated with emphasis on privacy and security and sign ups increased by 19.47%.

    Our experts at Bright Design use proven corrections like the ones mentioned above along with other tried and tested techniques to craft a unique and effective CRO design for your business, and show you how you can get the most out of your website using the same CRO methods.

    Combining lots of these techniques together will have a powerful effect on your web visitors, steering them to convert often without them even realising how the design details influence them subconsciously.

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