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    Whatever the size of your business, your success is integrally linked to your online performance – and now you can get hands on to ensure that success. As one of the leading SEO companies in the UK, we offer our tried and tested methods to everyone, so that every business can optimise for search, not just the elite few. That’s why we are now offering digital marketing training courses, giving you all the right tools to dominate the search results and get your business found.

    Is your business getting lost in the search results? Is your website not performing as well as it should? Is it about time that you did something about it?

    On our Digital Training Course we’ll work closely with you to give you the most up-to-date techniques and help you prioritise fixes so that you can optimise your website most effectively. By taking the time to invest in your SEO understanding, you’ll vastly improve your company’s web presence, driving the good stuff – traffic and sales.

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“In the long history of humankind those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed.” - Charles Darwin

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  • What Will I Learn on Your SEO Training Course?

    Since Google uses 200+ ranking factors to assess your website, we have a comprehensive list of SEO techniques that cover all of these. While some techniques will be more effective for your business than others, we’ll teach you the most powerful tactics used in the industry so that you can get ranking and earning traffic as soon as possible. Following this, we’ll advise you on a SEO strategy for your business and what techniques to prioritise for best results in your niche.

    The main SEO training factors we teach on our SEO course are:

    – On-page optimisation based in keyword research
    – Keyword Research and targeting Strategy
    – Website performance optimisation training
    – Technical SEO fixes
    – Content strategy to drive traffic
    – ‘Link building’ tactics (we like to call it Link Earning)
    – Google Analytics training
    – Scaling strategy for bigger companies and budgets

    These are just some of the SEO strategies and skills you will learn on our SEO course. To find out more about the sorts of SEO we do for our clients and what we will teach you visit our main SEO page.

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    Digital Training Is The Key To Your Success

    The right digital marketing training course can unlock your true business potential, and we’re all about making your business better. That’s why, unlike other online training courses, we not only teach you the right techniques to get the the top, we work with you during your training to determine a strategy for your specific business.

    Our SEO strategists will teach you the art of planning, prioritising and scheduling your fixes so that you can get the best results as quickly as possible. And once you know the methodology behind the magic, you can get started straight away, and start driving paying traffic to your website!

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    We Have a Dream, and It Starts With You

    At Bright Design we have a dream that, one day, all website owners will have access to cutting edge digital training, no matter what their size or web budgets. And our dream starts with you.

    Our Digital Training Courses have been created to offer a stepping stone to all those who can’t afford SEO consultancy on a regular basis and want to invest on a one off. All businesses can benefit, and this course is our way of helping you.

    Most search optimisation just simply takes time (and an inordinate amount of effort), and this generally amounts to budget. That’s why our training course is the perfect solution for smaller businesses with limited budgets, as it means they can have the tools to optimise their website in the time they have and as they see fit.

    You get out as much as you put in, so businesses keen for an boost fast can work as hard as they want to work, whilst most will opt for a long term strategy while fulfilling some quick wins as the start with some easy fixes.  However you want to utilise your new knowledge, it’ll be in your time, on your terms.


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    Why are you still waiting?

    In many cases, businesses are unsure or unaware just how much good SEO can boost a site’s page ranking. We’re here to help you through the technical terms and complicated theories to teach you the right SEO tactics and strategy so you can make it to the top.

    So if you’re ready to invest in training, give us a call, email, tweet us, or get in touch however else you would like. Then sit back, relax and let us do all the hard work.

    Don’t wait to be the best you can be!

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The bottom line, that’s what it’s all about. But to generate revenue needs more than just a website, it’s a combination of factors. SEO, PPC, Email Marketing etc etc etc, a million things to trip over and tempt you to spend your hard earned money. That’s where we come in, we simplify the landscape and use the elements that will work for you.