3 Digital PR Examples to Inspire You

When you are looking for ways to improve the public relations aspects of your small business, it can be tough to know what the right approaches are for your company. You know that there is great significance to the concepts of implementing a solid PR campaign. Still, the conceptualisation, development, and releasing of a PR campaign is a long process that must be given its due effort.

Digital PR is an approach to public relations that brings things directly to consumers via digital channels and platforms. By linking your company’s website, for example, into other content that someone within your target demographic would be inclined to read, you increase the chances that such an individual would be able to see and click through to your website.

Creating a strong digital PR campaign is particularly important when your company is looking for ways to increase exposure and bring in more customers. The good news is that there are plenty of successful campaigns out there from which you can draw inspiration. Here are three digital PR examples that can help inspire you for your own campaign.

1. Close

The customer relationship management firm Close has been able to run successful digital PR campaigns by implementing the practices of consistent content marketing. Although this started out as a relatively small operation, by consistently producing reliable content, Close has proven that any company can be successful at digital marketing by regularly publishing quality content.

In other words, even companies that deal in products and services that don’t necessarily sit at the forefront of the thoughts of the average consumer, for example, a short-term loan lender like Cash Lady, can successfully bring attention to themselves through such a digital PR campaign.

Successful PR Campaign


2. Netflix and Lyft

When you are considering your approach to a digital marketing PR campaign, it is good to bear in mind that you don’t necessarily need to stick to content that pertains to your particular industry or product. In fact, some of the more successful PR campaigns involved the combination of two seemingly unrelated companies.

The digital television and movie streaming service Netflix ran a campaign with Lyft, a car hiring service similar to Uber. By combining their marketing efforts, these companies were able to tap into their shared demographic and successfully drive up each other’s business.

3. Dove

One of the more successful PR campaigns that is worthy of note was that of the Dove #Showus digital campaign. Through this campaign, consumers were encouraged to use their social media to post images of themselves using their hashtag to create a collection of images of real women. A celebration of all the different types and figures that the female form can come in, this campaign tapped into the emotion that many women feel in regard to their personal image.

When conceptualising your own campaign, think about the emotions that might be linked to your product or service. While things like proper SEO practices are essential for any digital campaign, you need to have some drive behind your content that would encourage members of the public in a positive light. Once you can find the emotional link between your customers and your company, you can better understand how to market to them.


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