How to Decide if You Need a New Website

Websites are an essential asset for any business; they can generate leads, display your work, give directions, provide contact details, sell your products, answer customer questions, and much more. If you already have one, you may be thinking what’s all the fuss about? It doesn’t work at all for my business.

This is something we hear a lot, many people think that websites “just don’t work in my industry” or “aren’t of interest to my target customers” – if this sounds like you, then it could be that you just need a new website. Keep reading to find out how to decide if you need a new website.

Look at the stats

There’s actually a tool that will give you all of the information you need, but many businesses without a lot of digital marketing know-how aren’t making the most of it. Google Analytics should be used with any website, especially those for businesses.

This free platform provides you with lots of technical data regarding bounce rate, sessions, average session duration, and much more. Here’s a breakdown of what you should look at to determine if you need a new site and what they mean.

Person using Google Analytics website

Bounce rate

In terms of the performance of your website, this metric is key. If you’re spending lots of time and energy on other areas of your marketing – such as print, or social media – in an attempt to drive people to your website but you’re noticing a lack of leads, this will give you your first clue.

The bounce rate is the percentage of people visiting your website that close it almost immediately, without engaging with it or clicking through to any other pages. So if your bounce rate is high, either your website is too slow to load, is broken somehow, doesn’t immediately give visitors the information they need or prompts to visit other areas, or they just don’t like the look of your site.

Session duration

Just like bounce rate, session duration tells you how long the average user is spending on your website. The higher this is, the more engaged visitors are with your site. If you have a low session duration, the site is too slow, poorly optimised, or just not interesting. If you have a high session duration but still aren’t getting leads or sales through, you need to think about the conversion rate of your site.

Does it convert?

The conversion rate of your site relates to how many of your visitors are actually converting in the way you want them to (getting in touch, making a purchase, etc.). If you’re getting loads of visitors but no conversions, then your website is probably poorly optimised for conversions. In this case, you’ll need to think about a new website that’s designed to move your visitors towards your goals.

Do your customers think you need a new one?

One of the best ways to find out if you need a new website is to simply ask the people using it. Market research is invaluable in this instance, not only can you find out whether you need a new site, but you can also find out more about how your customers use it and what they’d like to see from it. You can then use this information when you get a new one built to make sure it meets all of their expectations.

There are various tools and companies that offer pop-up market research questionnaires on websites, or you can simply email a list of questions to a few of your customers.

Website build construction graphic

What does it say about your brand?

Try to look at your website through the eyes of a visitor, what sort of impression do you think it gives about your brand or products? If it’s dated, poorly designed, slow, or badly optimised, it stands to reason that your potential customers will assume the same about your business. Your website should be a reflection of your brand and your values, so it’s worth investing in one that will wow any visitors.

Take some time to look at your website with fresh eyes, ask other people in the business or friends and family for their honest opinion, and if you don’t like what you see, consider getting in touch for a quote – we’re experts in building websites tailored for businesses, whatever their goals are. Send us a message, visit our contact page, or give us a call on 01604 806020.

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