Writing Content for SEO

One of the biggest questions people have when writing content is how to engage their readers and Google. A lot of would-be copywriters struggle to entertain visitors to their website while appeasing Google’s algorithm. You don’t have to have one without the other. You can have your SEO cake and eat it, too.

To understand how to write engaging SEO content it’s important to first understand why. Why is it crucial to have content on your website that works in this way?

Why Optimise Your Content

Pretend for a moment that you’re the greatest living copywriter of all time. You have the potential to write anything for your website and people will love it. The catch? How will anyone ever read it?

You may assume that engaging content on a website will attract site visitors. This is true to a certain extent. However, you will need to rely on an element of luck. The only way to guarantee people visit your website and view your content is by ranking #1 on SERPs.

If you’re on the top of the 1st page of SERP you will get 31.7% of all clicks. The percentage of people who click on a result on the 2nd search results page? Less than 1%. The most effective way to increase your CTR is common sense. Rank at number 1. But, nobody said it’s easy. Here is a tactic to help you write content optimised for SEO that will help you scale the ranking’s mountain:


How to Optimise For SEO

In previous informative blog posts, you may have read that the key to ranking high on SERPs is by using as many keywords as possible. This is an SEO technique or tactic, known as keyword stuffing. Will this work today? Perhaps. It depends on the niche your targeting and the content you’re optimising. But, even if you do notice benefits, they will only be short term.

Keyword stuffing is not recommended anymore. This is for many reasons. The first is that Google will penalise your site if you stuff your content with duplicate keywords. The second is that you may over optimise your webpage for a specific keyword. This means you will not rank well at all, and will most likely suffer a penalty from Google. Finally, reading keyword-stuffed content is the equivalent of listening to a fingernail scrap down a chalkboard. It’s painful.

You don’t have to stuff your content with the same keyword to rank well. To target a specific keyword the best tactic you have is to target the topic around that keyword. For example, if you’re trying rank for the keyword “dog vaccines”, it’s smart to discuss a variety of illnesses dog vaccines will prevent. As well as, how they’re beneficial for puppies and different breeds.


If you target a topic you can have your SEO cake and eat it, too. You will improve your chances of ranking #1 on Google’s SERPs and create informative, engaging content.

get more views with SEO

Don’t be drawn to the short-term benefits of keyword stuffing. By targeting an overall topic, you will set up your website for long-term future success. Both through ranking highly on SERPs and by creating high-quality written content.


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