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    Email Marketing

    Email marketing has always been a very powerful marketing technique, but unlike other older types of marketing that have dropped off over time, email has continued to skyrocket.

    Around 9/10 marketers use email marketing as their primary method for generating leads, and no doubt email is already part of the way you work. But using emails to promote your business and having an effective email marketing strategy are two totally different kettles of marketing fish.

    Having a marketing strategy for your email send outs means researching your target audience and tailoring content to suit their needs, style, and intent. Researching and engaging with current industry events on a regular basis is vital, as well as promoting your engagement beforehand and afterwards so that you maximise your efforts.

    Finally, email promotions and campaigns are the (very juicy) icing on the cake. Since email is one of the best ways to reach your target clients, you can use this form to reel in repeat business or get your audience involved in engaging campaigns that boost your brand visibility.


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“Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.” – Dr. Seuss

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    Digital Revolution of Email

    The digital age has only helped email marketing. The move to mobile seems to have complemented email use, since now most emails are read on iPhones (33%) over Gmail (15%) or on an iPad (12%). Android followed shortly after at 10%, and in 2015, over half of all emails were opened on a mobile and it’s only expected to increase.

    Three quarters of Gmail accounts access their account on mobile too, so ensuring that your email render well on mobiles is becoming imperative. Marketing for a mobile audience is therefore a huge influencer towards the effectiveness of your campaigns and something we now take into account with all email marketing.

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    The Power of Email Marketing

    Promotions and campaigns are one of the awesome ways you can harness the power of email marketing, and our creative team love an opportunity to think outside the box. That’s where all the magic happens. More and more, brands have to come up with inventive campaigns and advertisements to engage their target audience, and if you do it right, the results can be explosive.

    Email marketing is also now the top source for conducting market research and learning about target clients within the marketing industry at 41%, which means that it can not only be a powerful tool for selling, but learning how to sell in your industry. We help you utilise email marketing to do just that, and the research-and-sell approach works on an ever-improving cycle that continues to fuel campaigns and future email marketing.

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    Campaign refinement

    As part of your email campaign management we carry out ongoing testing and refinement to determine the most effective tone, style and layout of your email. By carrying out split testing over multiple versions of a campaign we can track the success of each and optimise for smaller, more specific, audiences to maximise your response rate. Whether you want increased click through to your site or direct replies to the original campaign email, our refinement scheme will ensure your campaign gets you the most for your money.

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    Persuasive selling

    Our content gurus craft your copy using proven persuasion techniques based on powerful psychological triggers and effective copywriting tactics that drive click-throughs and conversions. These include optimising your email headers to increase your click through rate, personalising emails for improved engagement, and backing up content with facts that demonstrate your argument, all of these are useful for the design of the campaign.

    Using these tactics alongside others, we can tap into the subconscious triggers that draw readers to connect with your business, and ultimately get them to want to buy from you.

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    Get the best ROI with email marketing

    Email marketing is still to this day one of the most cost-effective types of marketing tools you can use; for every £1 you invest, email marketing reaps £38 back. And combining our continual campaign refinement and tracking system with a persuasive content strategy, with our help you will not only be able to capture your target traffic and sales, you’ll be able to continue to do it better and better for years to come. The only way is up!

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    Up, up, up! Call us up!

    With email marketing ballooning ever-upwards in a furnace of sales flames, we want you to jump in our little wicker basket so we can help propel you in the right direction. We’ve got the material, you just need to put a name to the beautiful soaring beast.

    Whether you’ve taken a balloon ride before or not, you can trust us at the helm. With a team of specialists on hand that know how to fire up content at the pull of a lever, technicians to tinker with the handling and industry experts to spread the word as the landscape spreads out before us, you’ll be flying high in no time.