How Do SEO and PPC Work Together?

When discussing a Search Engine Marketing strategy, you will often hear PPC and SEO mentioned together. Both of these channels can yield powerful results when used correctly. In this blog will discuss the benefits of utilising both methods together to reach the right audience that will help grow your business.


What is the Difference Between SEO and PPC?

SEO delivers more than just keyword rankings, but also delivers organic traffic, branding, online exposure and much more. This could be achieved using a multitude of different techniques that all work together to help boost Googles perception that your website is an authority and a useful source of information regarding certain topics and niches. If Google perceives your website to be an authority, you’ll find it much easier to rank for search phrases related to your topic, resulting in more natural traffic.

PPC on the other hand, is based upon balancing budgets, making your page relevant to keywords, and strategising between exact match, phrase match and broad match keywords. These are just some of the fundamentals of paid search strategy. By implementing these fundamentals into your ad campaigns you will effectively rank higher within the rest of the ads, generating more clicks and maintaining your current budget.

Both of these methods take a different approach in order to market your website/brand within Google and other search engines. However, the time to take effect differs between both methods.

Google Ads

Generating Results Using SEO & PPC

To generate results using an SEO strategy will typically take around 6 months. This timescale can vary depending on the niche and different circumstances (new domain, Google sandbox and so on). Waiting on the SEO to kick in does give you a great opportunity to build backlinks, optimise the whole site, add in Schema and much more ready for Google to let go of the restrictions that are holding your website back from performing how you would like it too. Doing all these methods whilst waiting for your website to rank and perform as expected will give you a head-start in competing with your competition online.

PPC will result in your website appearing within the top search results much quicker. The caveat with this approach is that it will require more of a consistent financial input compared to SEO. Also, you can expect not to return as much traffic as wanted within the start of the paid search campaign, as typically you will need to understand the market, what keywords are performing as expected, which keywords are not performing and how can you further optimise the relevancy to bring the spend on keywords down. All these factors though can be altered quite quickly in comparison to SEO, which will give you more of an immediate grip on the performance of your search campaign.


Digital Marketing Strategies

There are a few popular strategies that incorporate SEO and PPC. One of the most popular is to begin the Search Engine Marketing campaign using PPC as a way to target keywords and LSI’s (Latent Semantic Indexing). This will allow your website to appear in the top search results whilst your website begins to gain traction due to SEO. As time goes on, SEO will take on a bigger part of the marketing strategy as the PPC will begin to take a step back. This strategy, if built correctly, can push the online exposure of your website whilst the “waiting period” for SEO to return results. This is something that should be looked into if your website is built on a brand-new domain. This is because Google will keep you in something known as the “Sandbox” and restricting your website from performing within the SERPs for a period of time.

There are also other ways in which you can incorporate SEO and PPC into your Search Engine Marketing, such as using location targeting in order to break into a new area for your business, offering out a new service or product line for your business? PPC can help you break into these sectors whilst waiting for SEO to gain traction or you can venture down the routes of product ads whilst you rank your website for the product category.


Needless to say, there are multiple options that you can take that incorporate PPC and SEO into your websites Search Engine Marketing campaign.


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