How to Avoid Google Penalties

When you have a new website or would like to start an SEO campaign on your website there’s a lot to do! No one gets a site penalty on purpose. Lots of people tend to waste their time implementing useless tactics that don’t even get any good results in the end or even worse… some implement harmful techniques that will get them penalised – either way, they aren’t getting the best deal!

What is a Google penalty

Google is constantly updating its algorithm, penalties can be automatic or manual. But what will happen if you get a Google penalty? Do any of the following sound familiar? Your website is not ranking well for your brand name, page positions are gradually slipping further and further back in the SERPs, the whole site has been deleted from Google cached search results and many more. So obviously you want to steer clear of breaking any rules under Google’s algorithm.  

SEO mistakes that are going to put you on Google’s naughty list

Poor or copied content

Low-quality content or duplicated content is easily spotted by Google’s algorithm. You will get penalised for copying content from another source or duplicating content across various pages. Content on your website should be unique and helpful to the users. Another content mistake that we see very often is that people don’t have anywhere near enough words on each page. 

Copying Content

Stuffing keywords

Google hates it when keywords are overused. Use them where they are needed, and it will be fine. Google will penalise you for overusing keywords and something that a lot of people have been called out on is text in white on a white background for example, this means that they are getting more keywords on the page but the reader can’t see them as they are the same colour as the page background.

Hidden links

All of the links that are on your site should be evident and beneficial to users. Something that’s hidden is obviously going to be deemed suspicious. Never make the link the same colour as the background.

Neglecting hreflang

Neglecting what now!? People notify Google that they have intentionally published identical content for various languages or localities – this is what hreflang was designed for. There is a split decision to whether this definitely helps but using it can’t hurt. Better to take precautions.

Links to suspicious sites

It’s never good to associate yourself with a website that’s doing something illegally, all dodgy looking sites should be avoided. Also, if there are already links from sites that don’t look the best, be sure to try and remove them, sites have been penalised in the past for keeping those links.

We have only touched on a few reasons that will get your website penalised by Google, as you can assume there are many more.

Feeling worried?

After reading all of that you may be feeling a little bit on edge. Not to worry we can help you here at Bright Design! We help businesses of all different sizes and with the help of our work you will see your business working your way to the top of Google’s search results pages. Get in touch with us on 01604 806 020 or alternatively pop up on our Tawk chat and one of our friendly team will be able to help you. 

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