How to Build a Facebook Business Account for Beginners

The world of business has changed, everything is going digital, online and in the direction of social media. Are you a business thinking about setting up a Facebook business page? Don’t know where you should start? Read the easy guide below to find out more.

Step 1 – Setting up a Facebook page

You firstly need to create a personal Facebook profile, if you don’t have one already, then follow the simple steps in setting one up that appear on the Facebook setup page. However, if you already have a personal Facebook account then simply click the home button, next to your name.

Click on the Pages tab in the explore section of the left-hand side-bar of your personal profile homepage, this then takes you to the area of the main page where there are several things you can view about your personal account such as posts you’ve liked, pages you’ve liked and suggestions for your news feed. You’ll need to click on ‘Create Page’.

Two options will appear, ‘Business or brand’, and ‘Community or public figure’. After clicking ‘Get Started’, you can enter the name of your business and select a category. Fill out any other required fields, click continue and then you will be redirected to your new business page.

Facebook will then begin to prompt you to get people to like your page and for you to invite them to view your page, the page isn’t ready for the public eye just yet so, you want to unpublish the page, go to settings on the top navigation part of the page and open page visibility. Change the settings to page unpublished, now you can start working on the appearance of the page and unveil it at the end.

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Step 2 – add a profile picture and cover photo

You can set your profile picture on your business page to a couple of things:

– Your logo

– A picture of the product you’re selling

You will get prompted to crop the image if it’s too large for the profile picture box. There are also lots of tools out there that enable you to create the image how you want it, add a bit of text over the top or even just a little tweak to brighten up the image.  Once you’re pleased with the way your profile picture looks, simply just click on the square box for the profile picture and follow the prompts and instructions from that point onwards.

Once you’ve got your profile picture on the page you will then be able to add your cover photo, again this image needs to be relevant to your business, you could always use a tool to edit it how you would prefer. Once you’re satisfied click on the add cover photo button on the left upper corner and click upload cover photo, you can drag the image directly over the cover photo space and position the image where you are happy with it. You can then add a description onto your cover photo, this should include a bit of information about the business and the services/products you are providing, also include your website link. This means that when the page is published at the end when a potential or existing customer clicks on the cover photo, they will be able to see the description and find out even more about your business.

Step 3 – add an ‘action button’

Adding this button to your profile makes it easier for people to purchase or sign up to the service you’re offering, the button is in the corner of the cover photo when you edit it there will be several options to choose from. Explore all options to see which is the best fit for your business.

Step 4 – Add a description/Bio to your Facebook page

Use this area to tell people what your page is about, the more information you give the more likes you will gain, the description is limited to 155 characters and will show up in search results therefore really try and target the audience. Click add a short description, this is located just under the cover photo and profile photo. Make sure to include keyword terms if possible, and once you’re happy with the description click save.

Step 5 – Change Important Privacy and Security Settings

Now that the page is nearly done you need to make sure that it’s secure and you have the right privacy settings on.  There are a number to choose from in the settings you can either choose to enable them or disable them, it’s completely down to your preference.

You can also choose how you would like your messaging settings – you have the option of adding an automatic response to the messages. This is a personalised message from your page along the lines of “Thanks for messaging ‘company name’. We try to be as responsive as possible we will get back to you shortly.”  You can also change your notification settings, you can be notified every 24 hours when new activity happens on your page, or you can receive a message. Finally, you can determine settings for receiving notifications via email, text and Facebook itself.

Step 6 – Finalising The Page

Click on the three dots by the cover photo, this will let you add some of the final details to your page. After you have completed this section some more parts of your business will show such as when the business was started and so forth. There is also a dropdown that you can add any awards that your business has achieved. When you’re pleased with how everything on the page looks it’s time to publish your page and begin posting. Tap on the settings icon in the header navigation bar, then open page visibility in the general settings and change the visibility to publish and then click save.

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Having a business Facebook page makes it easier for customers to get in contact with you, also easier for any potential customers to see images of your products. Use this guide to optimise your business page to start getting likes and traffic to your website. If you need any help or advice setting up or running your business Facebook page, feel free to get in touch.

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