How To Change Your Website’s Visitors Into Paying Customers

At Bright Design, we’re partners with the global marketing brand HubSpot. This means we’re able to offer exclusive marketing packages that deliver you a high ROI. One of the strategies we offer alongside HubSpot is inbound marketing.

inbound marketing process

Inbound Marketing Process

Our team often talks to businesses who can’t work out why their website isn’t converting. They’re attracting a high amount of traffic but those site visitors are not becoming customers. We spoke to one business owner who was exasperated at the bounce rate their site was experiencing.

The first thing we discussed with them was their on-page content. Their homepage featured engaging written and visual features. The page was also ranking with search engines well enough to have a high-volume of visitors. The problem this client faced was his website was attracting people who weren’t interested in their products or services.

What was missing was targeted relevant, high-traffic keywords for their industry. This tactic focuses on quality, not quantity. Bringing the right traffic to your site, the people most likely to become customers.

But how do you do this?

With inbound marketing, you bring the customers to you, you don’t go to them. Some examples of outbound marketing are cold calling and mass emailing lists. With Inbound marketing, you don’t waste time on customers who aren’t interested in what you offer. You target the ones who are. Inbound marketing helps while outbound interrupts.

Inbound Marketing | 3 Key Goals

At Bright Design, what makes our digital marketing strategy different is inbound marketing. It allows us to attract traffic to your site that converts. Rather than bringing in people who aren’t interested, we attract people who want to purchase what you’re offering. This helps you increase your ROI and helps the customers find what they’re looking for.

Inbound Marketing focuses on achieving three goals:


Attract – Bring in the right people. The people who will benefit from what you offer. You can do this through great SEO and building your industry authority.


Engage – Present informative and entertaining content. Set out how what you offer will solve your customer’s problems. This is where you persuade someone to buy from you.


Delight – After a purchase, offer meaningful follow-up communications. Turn a one-time consumer into a loyal customer. This will lead to them promoting your business to family and friends and increasing your brand awareness.

The first step is to generating leads is to create and publish great content. This could include blogs, social media communications, and informative guides. Great content is the solid foundation that your website’s pages need to be built on.

From there, build up your website pages with inbound marketing techniques that attract customers. One of the most important plans to have is a comprehensive SEO strategy. Optimise your webpage and rank at the top of SERPs for relevant keywords. An SEO plan in line with inbound methods will target specific keywords that bring in the right traffic to your site. Traffic that converts into paying customers.

Inbound Marketing vs Outbound

The saying ‘all publicity is good publicity’ doesn’t apply to digital marketing. If your business is known for annoying email campaigns and irritating cold calls, people will be less likely to purchase from you. Instead, save time, money and effort with inbound marketing. Bring people who want to buy from you to your website.

But, you will have to know who they are before they even know they want to buy your product or services. Impossible, right? It isn’t. And our team can help.

The first step to increasing profits begins with attracting the right traffic. To do this you need to establish buyer personas. These are examples of your target audience. Let’s say, for example, you own an IT support company. You will need to ask questions like: Are you marketing to other businesses or individual people? What sort of people and what sort of businesses?

Our team can help you design buyer personas that are detailed and useful. From here we can restructure your on-page content to target these personas. The next step is to shift your marketing strategy to attract these personas.

The Buyer’s Journey

The buyer’s journey is the process someone goes on that ends with them making a purchase. Think about whenever you’ve brought something. First, you became aware you needed or wanted a product or service. This is called the awareness stage. With the right targeted advertisement, you can attract buyers before they reach the awareness stage. You can make them aware they need what you offer.

The next step is the consideration stage. If someone has committed to buying, they will begin researching a product or service. The higher the price, the more research a buyer will do before purchasing. But it can be for something as simple as a new toothbrush.

Buyers Journey

The final stage is the decision stage. A buyer has found your website. From this point, can you guarantee they are going to make a purchase? It’s a lot easier to ensure this when people who need what you offer are the ones visiting your site.

At Bright Design, we can help you utilise inbound marketing strategies to generate profits. Our team can attract new, long-term customers to your website. This ensures you will have a high ROI for the long-term. To find out more, book a free consultation with one of our business development managers today.

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