5 Ways to Use Instagram to Expand Your Business’s Reach

Are you currently using Instagram to connect with potential customers? If not, there is no time like the present. Now is the time to get involved in the Instagram network. Instagram has over 1 billion active monthly users, almost everyone is using it, so if you’re not using it, why aren’t you!?

Of course, Facebook is still one of the most popular ways to advertise your business. But we believe it won’t be long until Instagram takes the lead. Instagram is a very visual network where you can express the personality behind the business. That’s why customers feel like they can connect with you more.

Let’s explore 5 ways to market your business using Instagram.

5 Ways to Expand your Business on Instagram 

Post Often 

While you may have been thinking that it was just teenagers who are active on Instagram posting selfies, that’s where you would be wrong! Lots of businesses have been expanding on to Instagram and this has helped build up a lot of awareness for a variety of companies.

There are certain ways to optimise how you use Instagram that will market your business more effectively. One way is to post regularly. Create a schedule and set a time each day to post your content. And remember, check engagement on every post and reply to messages and comments. These are ways to connect with your audience and turn them into loyal customers.

When to post on social media

Ensure Your Profile is Set Up Correctly

There’s no point in getting social media if all your existing and new customers don’t hear about it. Be sure to add your website to the Instagram bio section. So if someone wants to browse your website, they can find it easily while viewing your profile. If you already have other social media accounts for your business, get them involved too! Cross-pollination over social media platforms is a great way to get known and improve the trust signals across your brand.

There are also lots of tools out there that can link up your Instagram and Twitter accounts so as soon as an Instagram post goes up Twitter will automatically post a tweet out too. This can raise awareness and engagement massively.

Give a Sneak-Peek into Company Life | Show Personality. 

Whether it’s the office building, the business park you’re in, or even behind the scenes of your team working on a project, use Instagram to show some of the personality behind your business. This allows your audience to feel they can connect with your business.

What Can I Share that will Engage my Followers?

  • Charity work 
  • Business events 
  • Business talks 
  • Local events 
  • Birthdays in the office 
  • Office pets 
  • Timeline of how the business has developed 
  • Services 
  • Products 
  • Pictures of the staff 
  • Team building days 


There are so many different ways in which you can make your audience feel involved and get them to engage with your posts. Some of these posts may be best for Instagram stories instead of grid posts. If you have a great image or video, posting it in the right format can drive engagement and promote your business.

Give a Unique Perspective 

Instagram is a great place to express what makes your business special. It’s also a great way to humanize your company. Always try and make sure you’re staying away from those stock photo images and try to capture a unique shot of your company. Whether that be of an upcoming event or sharing the latest product at work.

Let People Know Where You’re Based

As you share images when uploading posts make sure to geotag the images. This will allow you to tag your image location and even share the specific area where the image was taken. This always allows your followers to see the location of the business without searching high and low before they find it. This is also a great way to create relevance within a community and build credibility as the go-to business within the given area.

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