The importance of an interactive website

Having an interactive website means to have your website designed in a way which is appealing and interesting to your audience, with features that are going to increase user experience, lead to more time being spent on the site, hopefully increase conversion rates, and much more.

There are many features that you could look to implement into your site to help with its interactive design such as:

• Images/Videos

• Online chat

• Animations

• Internal links to ensure users find exactly what they were looking for

• Customer reviews/ratings

• And many more website features

Above are some examples of features you could look to add to create a more interactive website. However, how important is an interactive design? And overall, how will this help my sites ranking? Below are some of the main reasons as to why an interactive website is so important.

Increased time on website

The amount of time spent on a website is technically known as dwell time. When you add more features to your site such as a video, the user may watch the video, get more familiar with your brand for example, and in return that user’s dwell time is increased. The impact of this of course is that it would suggest to Google that people visiting your site are finding what they are looking for and that it is good quality content, which means Google may then rank you higher for a particular keyword or possibly a set of them.

Interactive website

Increased conversion rate

For those with businesses, one of the main objectives of having a website is to have your users convert and either purchase a product or a service you provide. Having an interactive website can assist with this. For example, if you had a local business which offered driving experiences, a video highlighting all the main experiences and showing previous customers would not only increase your dwell time but also increase your social proof and brand trust as they are getting a much greater insight into the service and are therefore going to be more likely to convert and may even potentially increase any future sales through word of mouth etc.

Improved user experience

Overall, user experience is highly important for many reasons such as: conversion rate, repeat business, as well as also boosting a lot of other metrics such as: average time per session and bounce rate. For instance, if you provided a service such as phone repairs, on your site you could have an online chat set up so that you could interact with customers directly and answer any of their queries they may have.

This in turn ensures the consumers find what they are looking for and at least get some kind of answer to their query as opposed to simply ‘bouncing’ (exiting) the site with little to no interaction (suggesting to Google that you may not be the best source for that niche). Additionally, we can also see how adding an interactive feature such as an online chat would affect conversion rate. The user would have a much more personalised experience that is now more likely to end in a conversion.

Overall, it is clear that having an interactive website can positively impact many metrics such as: bounce rate, average time per session, conversion rate and possibly more, indirectly. With this, you can hopefully create a more personalised and trusted brand that sees more conversions. And if your site does not offer a service or product (for example a blog or informational site) then you could impact your rankings in a positive way.

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