Life as a Digital Marketing Apprentice – Final Series

It is exciting times now as the year comes closer to the end as well as my apprenticeship, where I will be officially signing out in January 2018. If you haven’t yet, do be sure to check out the first and second series of my journey so far throughout this apprenticeship.

The Finale of my Life as a Digital Marketing Apprentice

As of right now, I have a couple of months to go on my apprenticeship before it finishes. I say it all too often, but it is almost unbelievable how fast this year has gone by – (time flies when you’re having fun working at Bright Design!).

Want to know the best part?

Aside from the courses I have done with QA, I’ve loved working for Bright Design alongside with brilliantly smart, friendly and funny people. Which is what the working life is all about, you should go to a job where you can genuinely enjoy the work and the people.

My Experience So Far

I have now finished all my eight courses that I have been given throughout this year, so I will be finishing this final series with a bang by showing you a couple of things you’ve hopefully never heard of before as I outline the highlights of the final two courses I took part in which was the ‘Copyrighting, CMS & Collaborative Technologies’ course as well as the ‘Data, Metrics & Analysis course’.


Google Timeline

This was a neat feature on Google Maps that was shown on the Data and Metrics course that I found very interesting and more people should be made aware of. As long as you are signed into your account Google account on your phone as you travel, Google Timeline records your most visited places and all the places you’ve been based on your Location History. As you can see below, the red circles are all the places that I have visited the most.

google timeline location pinpoints

As shown below, another feature of this is when double-clicking a red circle, you get to view the scarily accurate and predicted route that Google has created. This not only shows the exact route you took but the exact date, time, destinations in between and the transport of choice (e.g car, bicycle). You are also able to edit the route and each of the multiple stops to ensure full accuracy.

google timeline estimated route

You might be wondering:

This is terrifying. Google has my location recorded all the time for the world to see?

Fear not, as your location data is only visible for you to see and you can also pause your location history (as shown below). Perfect for the worried people out there to ensure Google Timeline will stop recording your locations.

google timeline pause location history

Why use it?

Google has said that the feature is designed to support users to answer questions similar to these: “Did I drop off the dry cleaning on Thursday or Friday?” and “What was the name of that restaurant I popped into the yesterday?”

Copy text guidelines

The copyrighting course was brilliant in helping me understand multiple ways I can improve the content marketing and quality of my writing for the blogs that we write up for our clients. For example, it’s good to know that writing conventions are in general ways of making our writing more readable for the user.

This can range from anything such as the quality of your spelling, punctuation, and capitalisation. Another example is the sentence structure of your content, whether that be how big or small the paragraphs are in your sentence, if there’s a huge block of text on a user’s screen, the likelihood of them reading that text is very minimal. Other factors that affect the sentence structure are the headings, images and/or videos that should neatly spilt up a piece of content.

Something else I learnt is to always watch out for American spelling in your content! It’s an easy mistake to make, help yourself by checking your language settings on your computer.

For more writing assistance, I definitely recommend checking out the academy section on BBC’s website. Here you’ll find an extensive variety of learning topics such as the journalism section which can greatly help with your writing skills.

Copywriting blog tips, could you use these?

It’s vital to think about all the possible ways in which you can entice a user to click on your blog or article. One way is by creating curiosity in the title tag and meta description to encourage click-throughs from users who find your blog page from Google’s search results.

Ways in which you can create curiosity is with using a checklist format with numbers and volume, for example, “10 top tips…” and “5 simple ways…”.

Another example is by using strong and eye-catching negative words but using them in a positive way, such as “STOP these things to improve…”.

On top of this, you always should be answering a potential question that a user will have in the hopes that you are providing insightful and valuable advice to the reader. That way the reader will feel more inclined to visit your blog page again to find more helpful answers.

Bucket Brigades

This is a brilliant way in having an easy to read sentence structure as well as splitting up your content in a neat manner, bucket brigades are words or phrases that entice the reader to continue reading.

Here are just a few examples of the many various bucket brigades you can create:

  • You may be wondering?
  • What’s the bottom line?
  • Here’s the deal:
  • It gets better/worse:
  • Want to know the best part?
  • This is crazy:
  • Now:
  • But here’s the kicker:

Accessibility Consideration

Alongside ensuring that the content in your blogs and pages are enticing and insightful for your reader, it’s also very significant to make these pages accessible for all users.

Hopefully, you are already inserting an alternate text onto the images of your website to help with the SEO. If not, an alt text is simply a brief description of what the image is that you can fill out when you are given the option to edit it. Having an alternative text on an image makes an enormous difference for those users who are visually impaired or blind. It helps the user as they will be using a program that reads out loud the alternative text, which, if done correctly, describes what the image is and therefore helps the user to understand the page they are looking at.

The information and content of your website should be easy for any user to read, for example, it’s recommended to have fonts that are specifically easy for dyslexic users to read through. For example, the comic sans font is popularly known to be a clear and simple font to read as well as any popularly used fonts like Times New Roman.

We all have come across this rather irritating popup whilst searching the internet.

If you do have Captcha on your website, it’s highly recommended to get the version as shown above which allows a visually impaired user to click on the speaker icon which has the captcha read out loud, similarly to alternative text.


Customer journey and touchpoints

Lastly, from the data course, we learnt a bit more about understanding all the multiple ways of knowing what a customer journey could be. A customer journey is all the experiences a customer goes through when or before interacting with your brand.

It’s vital to know that the customer journey does not begin with the website. With all the different factors, a company can then take advantage of the different journeys in terms of finding any way to improve the conversion rate of the specific journeys.

The following are just some of the ways a customer could find your website:

  • Any external link through other relevant websites
  • Found on the Google results whether that by an organic result or paid ad
  • Walking by your office which catches their eye if they are interested in it
  • An advertisement anywhere online or for example newspapers, magazines, leaflets
  • Or perhaps the user has found out about your company from word of mouth, whether that be a family member, friend or colleague from work.


Again, it’s crazy how insanely fast this year has zoomed by and I am super thankful for both QA and Bright Design for this opportunity. I have made some new friends from the course and learnt so much, not just in terms of the extensive range of courses I’ve done but the significant life skills as well, such as getting the train on my own for the first time.

This is only the beginning, I’m greatly looking forward to what the future holds for me.

life as a digital marketing apprentice final series