Marketing During Covid-19 | How to Promote Your Business During Coronavirus

We are currently in unprecedented times. The world seems to be going into panic; schools, offices and other crucial everyday parts of our lives are closing. We are amidst a nationwide lockdown, with many other countries following suit. But what does this all mean for small business owners throughout the UK and the rest of the world?

The Effect of Coronavirus on Business

Due to the spread of coronavirus, many business owners are going to scale down their marketing efforts to coincide with a suspected decrease in online interest. For example, fewer people may be looking to replace their windows during a time like this. However, this is not a good business strategy.

Whilst many are rightfully concerned about the spread of the Coronavirus, there is an opportunity for businesses to enhance their online presence for when things are back to normal. Here at Bright Design, we’re looking at this as an opportunity to continue to grow and deliver for our clients. I’ll explain.

The Effect Covid-19 has had on Google

Before the spread of Covid-19, companies were battling within the SERPs for the number #1 position for several keywords. Now that many companies are scaling back their marketing efforts, this gives more opportunity for smaller businesses to essentially “catch up” their SEO. So, when people are back into their normal routines, smaller businesses have the opportunity to grow and thrive.

Use Your Time Wisely

If your competition has more content written about a specific subject, or if they have acquired more links towards their landing pages. Now is the time that you will want to double down on your online marketing efforts so that you can not only “catch up” but surpass your competition on Google.

Marketing Ideas During Coronavirus

There are plenty of marketing opportunities for you to explore during this time. These opportunities include:

Social Media Marketing

Maintain a constant presence online using platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. This will ensure that your brand is still out there while people are at home isolating themselves. After all, as more people stay home, they will spend more time online.

This will also be a great time for your company or marketing agency to brainstorm and research some potential social media marketing ventures you could explore. These could include:

          Competition giveaways

          Viral videos (LadBible are always searching for new videos to share)




          Facebook, Twitter, Instagram paid ads

All these options could allow you to build a larger presence within your niche. Especially if your competitors are scaling down their marketing efforts.

Search Engine Marketing

If you are familiar with Bright Design, you will know that we often scream about how important search engine marketing can be for a business. Getting yourself in front of the right online users will help you generate further income, create brand exposure and become a relevant source of information for users searching for a specific service/item.

As mentioned above, you can do multiple different things that help improve the performance of your website; this includes the following:


          Guest posts

          Website development

          Conversion rate optimisation

          Competitor analysis

A beautiful example of viral video material is the recently released Shaun of the Dead parody by Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.

All these things can help you get the edge on your competition when business gets back to normal. If you’re ahead of the competition they have to catch up with you.

Email Marketing

Email marketing allows you to push your brand, services, products and offers directly to your chosen target audience. By funnelling traffic into your email list, this can help improve the number of emails opened and click-through rate as you will be emailing a larger number of users.

People will be on social media, emails and the internet, in general, more than normal. This is why it is the perfect opportunity to get yourselves in front of the correct audience to promote your services.

I hope that you found the information in this blog useful. If you wish to discuss your online marketing with us, contact us via our online form or call us on 01604 806020

We would also stress that you stick to the government guidelines and take care of yourself. If you have loved ones that you believe are lonely during this time, make sure you pick up the phone and let them know that you are there.

Stay safe, from everyone at the Bright Design team.

Fraser Kerns

Fraser joined the Bright Design team as an SEO Executive. He’s responsible for identifying and implementing different strategies, techniques and tactics to achieve and exceed our client-partner’s objectives. Whether it be to increase traffic, lead generation or conversions, Fraser plays an important role in the marketing and delivery team.

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