My Digital Marketing Apprenticeship with Matt Gillin – Part 1

digital marketing apprentice matt gillin

Just nearly 3 months ago I started my first day here at Bright Design as a digital marketing apprentice. This was to be my first day to kickstart a new career in something that fascinated me.

Prior to my new role as a digital marketing apprentice, I was employed as a chef, so this career shift was a lot to take in at first but felt that quite quickly I had found my footing within this new career path. I think I found the hardest part of adjusting from the kitchen to the office was the amount of responsibility I was given, within the first week I was thrown into writing social posts and a blog for a client.

The team I work with here at Bright Design have always taken in consideration that I am new to this line of work, they have also all been on hand to help me with any issues or questions I have faced. The team here at Bright Design are very close-knit but also extremely welcoming.

Luckily sat beside me I have one member of the SEO team (Sam) that has already progressed through his apprenticeship here at Bright Design. So, any questions or concerns about the apprenticeship when I began, he was there to answer or discuss what to expect later on in the apprenticeship.

What have I learnt so far?

Since beginning my new role as a Digital Marketing Apprentice I have learnt about different areas of the digital marketing landscape, worked with several different companies learning a multitude of things regarding how they operate and function, the impacts that my role can achieve for clients and a surprising amount of facts about chicken eggs?

In my job position, I work among the SEO team here at Bright Design, so most of my time is learning SEO and other parts of digital marketing. Things such as but not limited to:

The importance of rankings

What ranking high within the Google algorithm can do for a brand or business

How the Google algorithm works

The importance of content

How to effectively copywrite

How to determine what topic to base content around

How to optimise a piece of content for a clients site

The importance of internal and external linking

Outside the office

Due to my apprenticeship, I have to attend a week-long learning session at QA in Birmingham, where I learn about all different aspects of digital marketing. So far, I have already completed my first week at QA where we were introduced to all the course material and what to expect over the next 6 months. At QA, so far, I have learnt about more areas of the digital marketing landscape that I had no real knowledge of before. My only complaint I have about the week at QA is the train journey from Northampton to Birmingham, but I guess I’ll survive, for now.

At the very end of my first month here at Bright Design we all decided to go out together and celebrate the Easter break, which really cemented the whole family vibe you get from working here.

As a customary for Bright Design, the SEO team here travels down to Brighton to attend the Brighton SEO conference. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the conference in April, but from the stories and from pictures shared it looks like the rest of the team enjoyed themselves.

What do I look forward to?

Although I feel like I’m throwing myself head first into my new career, I feel that I already have learnt so much about digital marketing. I’m curious about the more technical details regarding digital marketing as a whole. I’m interested in how I can continue to strive to learn more, provide clients with a better service and generally become a bigger part within the ever-growing Bright Design family.

As I’m progressing through this apprenticeship I am excited to start taking on my own clients, receiving more responsibility and watching as the company and myself grow.

As I come further towards the end of my apprenticeship I am hoping to be capable of supporting several different clients with their SEO.

As said earlier that I was unable to attend the Brighton SEO conference in April. However, I am excited for the Brighton SEO conference in September as I should be able to attend for the very first time.

Where do I see myself after the apprenticeship?

By the time this apprenticeship ends in April 2019 I see myself staying with Bright Design, as I enjoy the work, the challenge and the people that I work with here. The office is a genuinely nice place to be with an Xbox and a pool table in the break room to keep morale up. So yes, I would like to stay here personally, this is of course if they offer me the job once the apprenticeship is completed. The pool table sold the job though.

By the end of the apprenticeship, I fully expect that the SEO team will have expanded with myself being a part of it. Whether Bright Design decides to enrol new apprentices once my apprenticeship ends, I expect to play the same part that Sam played when I began here, helping guide the apprentices into the world of SEO and Digital Marketing and answering any question they face with the work and with QA.

Would I recommend the Bright Design Apprenticeship so far?

If you’re looking for a new career path that can lead you to multiple opportunities and experiences then yes, definitely. As things are progressing within the world at the moment, everything is becoming more digital, everything is transferring over to the internet, so this role within marketing makes so much sense to invest yourself into. The opportunities this role can lead you towards are endless. Before starting this apprenticeship, I had no idea that by applying for this job could possibly lead me towards my future career. A career with challenge and satisfaction on a weekly basis.