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    What is Paid Search?

    Paid search involves advertising online within the search engine listings or on available websites. You can pay for this advertising two ways: by paying each time a user clicks your ad (Pay Per Click or PPC) or each time it is displayed (Cost Per Impression – CPM).
    Paid search also goes by many other names Cost Per Click (CPC), sponsored listing, paid placement or Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

    By creating a paid search campaign, you can test new keywords and marketing ideas and improve your visibility, and when used in conjunction with an organic growth strategy you can really maximise your reach.

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    Why is Paid Search important?

    1. Paid search is getting increasingly more importance, visibility and opportunity.

    2. Paid search is becoming more relevant to user searches, search ads are becoming more trustworthy and therefore more popular – 2/3 of users going online looking to buy services or products favoured paid adverts.

    3. Combining a paid search campaign with your great organic rankings can help increase your credibility and drive brand awareness.

    4. You can now better tailor the searches you appear in by using negative keywords and campaigns.

    5. The space is there. Whether you’re using paid search or not, those ads are still going to appear above the organic search results. So, if you’re not taking the space, someone else will.

    Want to know more?

    1. On top of increased importance and visibility, the King of search, Google, are also beginning to optimise paid ads so that they appear in more relevant searches, so not only are ads appearing more often, they are growing more successful too.

    2. To show how trustworthy ads are now becoming, recent research shows that paid search got nearly twice as many click-throughs as organic results in searches with commercial intent (Wordstream 2016).

    3. On top of combining a paid search campaign with your great organic rankings, you can display multiple messages or products in the same search results, increasing your exposure and chances of securing a sale.

    4. Tailor ads using negative keywords (words related to your main keywords that you might rank for – eg. “horse” might be a negative keyword if you had a shoe company ranking in “horse shoe” searches) or by running campaigns to discover irrelevant searches you may be appearing in. Use this information to create better campaigns, rank your pages more effectively, reach better audiences and reduce your bounce rate by weeding out unwanted traffic.

    5. If you’re not using the ad space, given the increasing relevancy of paid ads, it will be guaranteed to be filled with competitors. Year on year more businesses are catching on, and between 2015 and 2016, Google ad search spending has increased by 20%. In the same time period mobile paid search spending has skyrocketed by 134%, as mobile is now the most popular way to search.

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    How to ace the ads

    We first start by gaining a deeper understanding of your business aims, your target audience, and the purpose your ad campaigns will have. Determining whether you aim to generate leads or sell directly online, as well as the stage of intent of your searcher (just looking, interested, looking to buy now) helps us craft the perfect ad for generating your desires results.

    Designing multiple campaigns tailored to your audiences and needs, we work with you to refine and harness the full conversion potential of your ads, continually adding more negative keywords to help optimise the traffic you reach.