• Luke CEO

    I founded Bright Design with the aim of bringing a unique approach to the market, to understand the clients needs, and to provide online and offline marketing that works. With 15 years in the industry including six and a half years at Yell and four and a half years with one of the largest digital strategy providers in the UK, I understand the end user and how to position your marketing to drive results. Our focus is your bottom line. We drive effective solutions that increase revenue, a statement that our clients are happy to testify to.

    Our personal approach means that we tailor campaigns to each client rather than using ‘Out of the box’ systems. We agree targets at the start of every campaign to ensure that we consistently meet and over achieve your aims. This end to end process means that we can demonstrate success for every client in our portfolio.

    Alongside planning and implementing successful strategies for clients, life consists of family weekends focused around my 2 young daughters and squeezing in the odd round of golf where time allows.

  • Laura Operations Director

    In order to keep the business running efficiently, you need an organised person to run a tight ship! This is where I come in. It is my job to ensure that everyone working at Bright Design has all the tools they need to do the job, including lots of coffee! I also look after all the finances and invoicing.

    I have a 15-year background in Marketing, covering all sorts of media, such as print, photographic, radio and TV advertising. All of which I loved, and now I am adding Digital Marketing to my list. Understanding how search engines and websites work, and I’m enjoying learning the new media, with help from our experts at Bright Design.

    With two young children to look after, I have a very busy life outside of work too. Most people would say that my main love is meat, pastry and coffee (are you sensing a theme?). I enjoy a good sing-along too, although I pity the ears that listen to me! I also love spending time with family and friends, whether it be round a table for Sunday lunch, or a fun bike ride with the kids!

  • Tom Head of SEO

    A native of Northampton, I joined Bright Design as a fervent SEO consultant and now lead a team of digital strategists with the sole purpose of delivering marketing strategies that drive traffic and build growth, both on a local level and national scale. I have extensive experience in technical SEO & Web Development, Analytics, Conversion Rate Optimisation, Paid Search marketing, and Social Media strategy. Always being on the cutting edge of SEO developments ignited my love for all things digital. This passion only gets stronger as the world of internet marketing continues to evolve.

    When not in the office, I’m a proud father to my daughter Elouise whilst also being a Man United fanatic.

  • Michael Senior Business Development Manager

    I joined the company in 2017 as Business Development Manager to grow our already impressive client list – and to spread the word about the successes achieved for our clients at Bright Design!

    I have a 10 year background in marketing related business development roles, with an emphasis on direct response print and digital marketing – and being part of the Bright Design team has allowed me to hone my digital marketing skills especially.

    In my spare time I’m a fan of all sports (I’m a Swindon Town fan though unfortunately), I enjoy going to watch live music, and will happily spend an afternoon with a good boxset – or watching Bullseye. You won’t find me watching Big Brother, eating tomatoes, or going near sponges…

  • Jack Business Development Manager

    I joined the Business Development team at Bright Design in 2019 to use my skillset to boost the already impressive client base, I am an experienced sales professional with a strong background in account management. I have developed a passion for digital marketing and SEO, I love seeing the great results we provide for our clients via our SEO strategies.

    In my spare time I enjoy time with my family. I am also a supporter of football and play for a local team, back in the day I could kick a ball pretty hard. I am a lover of food and over the weekend I like to try out at least 3 different styles of take away food.

  • Harry Business Development Manager

    I joined the company in 2019 with the goal of bringing on as many new clients as possible! I was lucky to find a vibrant, growing business who welcome all with open arms and offer an enormous wealth of knowledge and education. Having worked in sales roles my entire career I was pleased to find an atmosphere which fosters creative problem solving and individual accountability whilst promoting success and constant self-improvement.

    In my spare time I enjoy almost any creative pursuit including writing, playing or listening to music. I enjoy keeping busy and I’ve dabbled in writing, playing any kind of game (as long as I’m winning) and working with friends and family on various creative and charitable endeavors, both on and offline.

  • Reece Senior SEO Executive

    Every day is more exciting than the last. With SEO being such a fast paced industry, I’m always testing and learning, finding new improved ways to improve client websites, getting them better results each day as search continues to evolve. Between myself, the rest of the team and our “commander” we always make sure we are constantly learning to improve our skills set. I always try to bring a brightness to the workforce (if only with my notorious mustard-coloured jumpers), as well as the occasional gift of biscuits and Maltesers, and a lively humour.

    I am particularly resourceful, (especially when it comes to hair bobbles, given that I potentially have the longest hair in the office!), and when I’m not helping others you’ll find me treating my amazing girlfriend to a KFC, out enjoying the sun, diving head first into a box set or taking down some villages on Clash of Clans.

  • Matt SEO Executive

    I am one of the newest members to the SEO team here at Bright Design and with each day I’m learning how I can expand my knowledge with digital marketing. I’m excited to get stuck into the world of SEO, hoping to progress and become a key member of the team. I’m interested in how my work can lead towards growth in content and traffic for any website.

    When I’m not glued to my screen competing for first in any game I’m either delving into a new series, reading up on theories on upcoming films/ TV shows (mostly Marvel!) or getting my hands dirty working on classic cars.

  • Freya Digital Marketing Apprentice

    I have recently joined the Bright Design team as a Digital Marketing Apprentice, I’m learning new and exciting things every day. I’m looking forward to expanding my knowledge in Digital Marketing and growing within the Bright Design team.  After leaving school, I completed a Level 3 Business and Administration apprenticeship in my home town of Milton Keynes.

    Whilst growing up one of my main passions was competitive swimming, I competed in many swimming competitions, and this love has taken me on to be a qualified Swimming teacher.  I have assisted swimmers of all ages and disabilities, therefore in my spare time you will either find me at the local leisure centre teaching swimming or socialising with friends and family. I also, follow the latest fashion trends via social media and love my visits to my local beauty salon.

  • Emily Digital Marketing Apprentice

    Over the past year I worked hard to gain a Level 3 BTEC in business at Northampton college, after completing the course I decided that I wanted to start a new journey as an apprentice. From having a keen interest in the Digital Marketing modules, I decided that I would want to start building my knowledge and career in a thriving business. This is where I found Bright Design. As one of the newest and youngest members of the team I was very anxious of settling into the office, but since day one I have been warmly welcomed into the arms of Bright Design.

    When I’m not at work you will normally find me in the kitchen baking up a batch of chocolatey brownies or some sort of extravagant birthday cake. If I’m not baking, I’ll either be with friends and family or down at the shopping centre finding all the best deals and spending a bit too much money.

  • Amir SEO Executive

    I joined Bright Design at the start of 2019 as an SEO Executive to aid with the optimisation of our client’s sites etc. making sure they rank as high as possible. Prior to this role I studied A Levels in Engineering, Computing, and IT at Silverstone while self-teaching myself to build Desktop/iOS applications and doing some web development freelance work in my spare time.
    In my spare time I enjoy playing piano songs from artists such as Beethoven, Ludovico Einaudi and more, doing some photography, going to supercar events, trying to avoid video games (ever since my last intervention), or binge-watching TV Series legally. In terms of sports, I formerly played for Cobblers youth team where I would partake in denouncing other teams such as Arsenal.

  • Fraser SEO Executive

    Bright Design have brought me on as an SEO Executive, where I am learning as well as developing my marketing knowledge and skills. Before joining the Bright Design team I was living a fast paced lifestyle in London while I was studying to gain my CIM Level 4 Professional Certificate in Marketing. While I was studying I was also working as a local marketer for a very successful restaurant chain based in Shoreditch, which was an extremely fun and diverse place to be a local marketer, connecting with a vast amount of cool and interesting people and businesses.
    Outside from work I am an avid rugby player and supporter, playing for my local team Towcestrians. After playing rugby its always mandatory to stay at the club and enjoy a few well earned “beverages”. Besides playing rugby, in my spare time I enjoy fettling and driving vintage cars at events or just taking them to a nice country pub.
    A few other interests of mine are food and travelling. When I was younger I took a gap year after finishing sixth form and travelled halfway round the world to Tasmania and New Zealand for 7 months creating memories and having experiences I will be sure to never forget.

  • Lauryn SEO Executive

    I have recently joined the Bright Design team as an SEO Executive. Every day I am learning something new and I’m excited for what’s to come.

    This year I graduated from The Fashion Retail Academy, with two diplomas. A diploma in Level 3 Fashion Retail and Level 4 Digital Marketing. While studying I completed two amazing work placements with Whistles and Coast, this was an amazing opportunity to see how fashion brands work within the industry.

    When I am not working, I will be browsing amazon or spending hours in shops easily finding things I do not need…  (forever wishing Primark had an E-commerce website).

    My favourite thing to do on the weekend is to go out for a curry and to a few bars. The best movie ever is Mean Girls. I also LOVE going on holiday.

    Fun fact: I did Irish Dancing for a year. So now I think I’m great… My friends beg to differ.

  • Peter Content Executive

    I have recently joined the Bright Design team as a Digital Copywriter after graduating from a Creative Writing degree. In my role, I enjoy having the opportunity to research interesting companies and write engaging content for them. I’ve always enjoyed reading and writing so I’m thrilled to hopefully have a long career in the industry!
    When I’m not at work I enjoy playing rugby and trying to stick to a gym routine. I love cooking and spend a lot of my free time trying to find new and exciting recipes to try out. Most of my money is spent on buying coffee and going to London to watch Tottenham probably lose.

  • Katie Web Designer / Developer

    I recently joined the Bright Design team as a Web Designer / Developer to help design and build pixel perfect websites for our clients.

    I have a 7 year background in all things digital marketing – from website design and email marketing to branding and print design. Having started out my career at a creative agency – it was definitely time to get back into a creative, vibrant environment with a like-minded team… just like the Bright Design team.

    Outside of the office you can find me at home baking, walking my little dog Phoebe, learning Greek or travelling to Cyprus to visit my husband’s family (and eat lots of yummy Greek food of course).

  • Karolina Web Developer

    I joined Bright Design in the middle of June 2019 as a part-time web developer. After working as a freelancer for around 2 years, I decided to join an energetic & visionary team to further develop my programming skills. I finished my BSc degree in the lovely Welsh town of Aberystwyth and soon I will become a full-time student of MSc Computing (Web Technologies & Internet Security) at the University of Northampton.

    Privately, my main passion is travelling – so far, I was backpacking, for example, in Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, Chile and Japan. I love discovering new cultures and tasting cuisines from around the world. I also enjoy reading, trekking and spending time with my family and friends.

  • Karl Web Developer

    I joined the Bright Design team in late 2019 as a Developer with the focus of assisting the company’s expansion of the development team and to help the company achieve their technical goals for 2020! I was very fortunate to find such a rapidly developing company and also a company who sees you as “one of the family” from day one.

    When I’m not at work you will often find me at Santa Pod Raceway where I’m a firefighter or at the local ice hockey rink in Milton Keynes supporting the mighty MK Lightning. I’m currently learning how to skate and play ice hockey myself as well as learning the piano and British Sign Language. Any other spare time is spent with family and friends.


"Our mantra is: if we get you the results, you'll get the business, and you'll stay with us. So that's what we do. But we only manage that by testing the latest techniques and staying up-to-date in a fast-moving industry, so that your business is always leading the market in your digital marketing."

Luke Kennedy - Director

functional & beautiful websites

The bottom line, that's what it's all about. But to generate revenue needs more than just a website, it's a combination of factors. SEO, PPC, Email Marketing etc etc etc, a million things to trip over and tempt you to spend your hard earned money.