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  • Luke Kennedy CEO

    I founded Bright Design with the aim of bringing a unique approach to the market, to understand the clients needs, and to provide online and offline marketing that works. With 15 years in the industry including six and a half years at Yell and four and a half years with one of the largest digital strategy providers in the UK, I understand the end user and how to position your marketing to drive results. Our focus is your bottom line. We drive effective solutions that increase revenue, a statement that our clients are happy to testify to.

    Our personal approach means that we tailor campaigns to each client rather than using ‘Out of the box’ systems. We agree targets at the start of every campaign to ensure that we consistently meet and over achieve your aims. This end to end process means that we can demonstrate success for every client in our portfolio.

    Alongside planning and implementing successful strategies for clients, life consists of family weekends focused around my 2 young daughters and squeezing in the odd round of golf where time allows.

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    Laura Stanton Operations Director

    In order to keep the business running efficiently, you need an organised person to run a tight ship! This is where I come in. It is my job to ensure that everyone working at Bright Design has all the tools they need to do the job, including lots of coffee! I also look after all the finances and invoicing.

    I have a 15-year background in Marketing, covering all sorts of media, such as print, photographic, radio and TV advertising. All of which I loved, and now I am adding Digital Marketing to my list. Understanding how search engines and websites work, and I’m enjoying learning the new media, with help from our experts at Bright Design.

    With two young children to look after, I have a very busy life outside of work too. Most people would say that my main love is meat, pastry and coffee (are you sensing a theme?). I enjoy a good sing-along too, although I pity the ears that listen to me! I also love spending time with family and friends, whether it be round a table for Sunday lunch, or a fun bike ride with the kids!

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    Tom Livingstone Head of SEO

    A native of Northampton, I joined Bright Design as a fervent SEO consultant and now lead a team of digital strategists with the sole purpose of delivering marketing strategies that drive traffic and build growth, both on a local level and national scale. I have extensive experience in technical SEO & Web Development, Analytics, Conversion Rate Optimisation, Paid Search marketing, and Social Media strategy. Always being on the cutting edge of SEO developments ignited my love for all things digital. This passion only gets stronger as the world of internet marketing continues to evolve.

    When not in the office, I’m a proud father to my daughter Elouise whilst also being a Man United fanatic.

  • Lisa Wedgeworth Web Designer / Developer

    As a recent addition to the team, I take the thoughts and ideas from the customer, and realise them into a website that is the digital shopfront for their business online. From initial design to final development, I cover all stages of the process. I can also create you a new feel for your business with corporate branding. I have many years experience working for various companies before finally settling at this awesome agency. It’s a great place to work.

    As well as a passion for design and development, my main love is cars, car shows and motorsport, especially BTCC and drifting. This is a much-loved hobby for both myself and my partner. I love to take photos, bake, cook and grow herbs, fruit & veggies

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    Emily Fedorowycz SEO Executive

    Content strategist and lover of language, I live my life in the land of ethical link building. Combining my extensive writing experience with expert knowledge of the SEO industry, I craft content campaigns that drive traffic growth. Efficiency is also my middle name, so when I’m not creating awesome articles and building relationships, I tend to be optimising the team’s working methods.

    When I’m not face first in Storybase or one of my other research tools, I like to try and keep fit (despite the relentless office donuts) and back in the days when I used to have time to myself, I liked to sing and write music. I still manage to find some for The Walking Dead, however. Funny that.

  • Sam Baylis Digital Marketing Apprentice

    I hold the prestigious title of being Bright Design’s first ever Digital Marketing apprentice. Whilst studying towards obtaining my certification, I also assist with fulfilment of our Social Media strategy. I also get exposed to the many daily challenges faced in the world of SEO and am loving every moment of this fantastic opportunity.

    I am your average gamer who loves entering his man cave at home and using my PC. When I’m not gaming, I am out at nightclubs which I quickly regret in the morning! As well as a small passion in archery, I also have a deep love for Game of Thrones.

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"Our mantra is: if we get you the results, you'll get the business, and you'll stay with us. So that's what we do. But we only manage that by testing the latest techniques and staying up-to-date in a fast-moving industry, so that your business is always leading the market in your digital marketing."

Luke Kennedy - Director

functional & beautiful websites

The bottom line, that's what it's all about. But to generate revenue needs more than just a website, it's a combination of factors. SEO, PPC, Email Marketing etc etc etc, a million things to trip over and tempt you to spend your hard earned money.