• Luke Managing Director

    Luke founded Bright Design in 2014 with the aim of bringing a fresh and incomparable approach to a crowded digital marketplace. Providing bespoke end-to-end digital marketing solutions for a variety of different businesses in a number of unique sectors and industries. Luke ensures that every decision made at Bright Design is guided by core values, knowledge, and expertise to achieve tangible results for all client-partners.

    With an impressive background in the industry, Luke has had experience working for high-profile names like Yell as well as one of the largest digital strategy providers in the UK. Having started his journey in his conservatory, Luke has grown and shaped Bright Design into the competitive digital marketing agency it is today.

    Outside of work, Luke spends time with his family and going on long walks with his pooch. Unleashing his inner-nerd, Luke likes to squeeze in time to switch on the PlayStation for a few hours or browse online for the latest smart-home tech.

  • Laura Operations Director

    Laura joined the Bright Design team when the company was just 18-months old, Laura has supported Luke to grow and bring Bright Design to where it is today 6-years down the line. Laura is responsible for keeping the business organised, ensuring all members of the team are happy and are working to the best of their abilities as well as supplying the team with all the tools they need.

    Laura comes from a long background in marketing having worked for a large high-street retailer, covering a variety of different media such as print, photographic, radio and TV advertising.

    Outside of the office, Laura will likely be spending time with her family, going out for long adventures with Harley (the most important member of the Bright Design team). Laura also enjoys baking sweet and savoury treats at home and putting her feet up to watch mafia films (she’s one to watch out for) and a variety of sitcoms.

  • Michael Sales Manager

    Michael joined the Bright Design team in 2017 as a Business Development Manager, he later became the Sales Manager for the business, handling most of our business enquiries (with a smile of course). His role is to work with a wide range of companies in a variety of sectors and industries to provide digital strategies that provide tangible results – whilst also managing a small team of executives internally too.

    Michael has a 13-year background in marketing-related sales roles, since joining the team he has continued developing his skillset and is now Google Analytics and Ads qualified with several HubSpot certifications under his belt too. All of which provide great support when directing campaigns for our client partners.

    In his spare time, When Michael isn’t watching sports or listening to some tunes you’ll find him out travelling (when we’re allowed to of course). Like many of us, he has some dislikes too, including but to exclusive to tomatoes, sponges and cotton-wool (we’re not sure what to make of that either?).

  • Katie Lead Designer

    Katie is Bright Design’s Lead Designer, responsible for bringing concepts to life and making our client’s websites stand out in a crowded digital marketplace. Katie heads up a team of fantastic developers who plan, design, build and maintain long-lasting websites for our client partners.

    Katie comes from an 11-year background of all things digital marketing – from website design and email marketing to branding and print design. She’s our resident designer who loves all things Pantone (typical designer), fabulously branded packaging and shudders at just the thought of Microsoft Paint (don’t we all!).

    Outside of the office, you can normally find Katie baking up a storm in her kitchen or walking her little fluff ball Pomeranian Phoebe (a very cute pooch). Other than that Katie commonly finds herself day-dreaming about her next travel destination (post-covid of course!).

  • image pending v3image pending v3
    Phil Digital Marketing Manager

    Phil joined the Bright Design team in 2020. He is a successful and approachable digital team leader with a wealth of skills and knowledge gained throughout his career in agencies, SME and bluechip sectors.
    Phil is passionate about business growth and success and has a real desire to make a real and positive change.

    He frequently challenges the norm to make practical improvements and leads the processes for change using creative problem-solving skills. Phil is driven by maximizing efficiencies in the process and increasing profitable outcomes via measurables. One of his goals is to help formulate success for his team and in-turn the wider business. Phil has a creative flair and a natural ability to bring other people’s concepts to life on paper and loves growing ideas alongside clients from start through to delivery.

    Outside of work you’ll find Phil creating graffiti art, admiring classic VW cars or spending time with his family. He loves a sausage and egg sarnie (who doesn’t?) and ultimately dreams to live on a mountain and snowboarding to his heart’s content.

  • image pending v3image pending v3
    Melanie Client Services Manager

    Mel joined us in 2020 as our Client Services Manager. Mel’s role is to ensure our client satisfaction and experience is the best it possibly can be by supporting our internal team with overall planning, strategy and management of our client partner’s marketing campaigns.

    Mel has a real passion for marketing and uses her free time to work on her CIM qualification, currently Level 4 and working towards Level 6! Her long-term aspiration is to become a chartered marketer. Mel comes from a background in Sport and Construction, two very different industries but who can ever have too much knowledge! Data, reports and marketing insights are what make Mel tick, establishing pathways for further optimisation and reporting back campaign success to clients she finds rewarding.

    In her spare time, you’ll find Mel out and about leading her running group, running for both health and fitness but also competitively. Mel’s achieved some great things during her time as an Ultra Runner and is continually looking for another challenge to take on.

  • pennypenny
    Penny Digital Account Manager

    Penny joined Bright Design in early 2021 as an Account Manager. Penny’s role is to ensure our client partners feel engaged, and motivated with their marketing strategy, whilst remaining confident in the extensive knowledge and expertise from our delivery team. Penny supports the Marketing team and forms a bridge between them and our client-partners so that we can all grow successfully and maintain channels of communication.

    Penny received a degree in Journalism and loves communications. She has had prior experience inhouse, helping businesses utilise their websites as effectively as possible. With prior agency experience, Penny has worked as a Senior Account Manager which involved leading training sessions with a wider team as well as specialising in content writing. Penny also received the beginners and advanced Google Analytics certificates in 2019.

    Outside of the office, Penny has a passion for yoga, in fact in 2019 she completed her yoga teacher training and is fully qualified to teach (you can imagine how our mornings start in the office). In her spare time she enjoys going on spontaneous adventures but also loves a good ol’ pamper session (not at the same time!).

  • susie websitesusie website
    Susie Digital Account Manager

    Susie joined the Bright Design team in May 2021 as a Digital Account Manager. Susie’s role is to ensure our client partners are feeling happy with their marketing strategies and supports our delivery team with ensuring we achieve or succeed our objectives and goals. In her role, Susie forms a bridge of communication between our marketing team and our client-partners, discussing progress and providing an ear for feedback.

    Susie has 10-years experience in the marketing world, working client-side within the Automotive Sector. During her prior experience Susie worked within Management roles across Product, Service, Events, Digital and Customer Relationship Management. Aside from marketing, Susie has degrees in French and Music and is a highly trained Cellist but can only play a 1/2 size due to her petit height!

    Outside of work, Susie plays within a variety of orchestras in the Milton Keynes and Buckingham area. At home, Susie spends time with her crazy Cockapoo, Benji, who she states is very adorable but far too food orientated – aren’t we all!

  • riainriain
    Riain Inbound Marketing Executive

    Another 2020 recruit introduced to the Bright Design team. Riain joined us an Inbound Marketing Executive, he’s responsible for looking after all of our channels of communication ensuring our brand messaging, image and culture is maintained and stays true to our core values whilst ultimately supporting the business to achieve goals.

    Riain has had a passion for marketing from a young age and has catered his entire education to studying it. He’s clued up with the latest inbound marketing tactics and techniques and leverages these to build-up our audiences but to also create and serve content that provides real value to our visitors and existing client-partners through a variety of media.

    Riain is a very sociable individual who enjoys a laugh, likes coffee and commonly catwalks down the office to display his outfit. Besides the random interlude of odd questions and mispronunciations of words, Riain likes to give his all in team quizzes, tasks and games – much to his dismay, usually results in losing but it’s the taking part that counts (that’s what we tell him anyway).

  • Fraser SEO Executive

    Fraser joined the Bright Design team as an SEO Executive. He’s responsible for identifying and implementing different strategies, techniques and tactics to achieve and exceed our client-partner’s objectives. Whether it be to increase traffic, lead generation or conversions, Fraser plays an important role in the marketing and delivery team.

    Fraser has always had an interest in marketing and before joining the team was responsible for local marketing on behalf of a high-profile restaurant chain in London. During this time Fraser was also studying to complete his CIM Level 4 professional certificate in Marketing. Today, Fraser is continuing to build his impressive portfolio of skills and accreditations, from Google Analytics and HubSpot to Amazon Ads and SEMrush.

    Outside of the office you’ll likely find Fraser on the rugby field multiple times a week, commonly followed up by a celebratory beverage or two, or three… or anyway. With contact-sports being minimised, Fraser recently found a new passion for golf, whether he’ll be the next Tiger Woods, we’ll have to see!

  • Emily SEO Executive

    Emily joined the Bright Design team as an apprentice in 2018 and now plays a key role within the marketing team as an SEO Executive. Her main responsibilities are to identify strategies, techniques and tactics to improve the number of online visitors to client’s websites. Driving growth and profit for our client-partners.

    Emily studied a Level-3 BTEC in Business and joined us as a part of her apprenticeship. After successfully passing her qualifications, Emily is now with us full-time as an SEO Executive in the marketing team and plays a key role in ensuring excellence for client delivery.

    Outside of work Emily loves to bake up goods in her kitchen (which we’re fortunate enough to be able to try in the office) and taking spontaneous trips to the beach with her friends.

  • luke g websiteluke g website
    Luke Digital Marketing Executive

    Luke joined the Bright Design team in 2021 as a Marketing Executive, responsible for driving growth for our client partners. Using data to generate strategic marketing plans, Luke works alongside our highly talented delivery team who collectively work to plan and implement innovative and efficient campaigns.

    Luke comes from a background in the marketing world and has dedicated most of his studies to the industry, having completed his masters in International Marketing Strategies back in 2018. Luke is very much looking forward to being agency side and continuing his development to be the best marketer he can be.

    Outside of work, you’ll likely find Luke in experimenting in the kitchen with cooking being one of his biggest passions. “If ratatouille taught me anything, it’s that anybody can cook”. Rumour has it, that every creation Luke puts together is usually quite edible (we’re yet to be the guinea pigs).

  • Peter Copywriter

    Pete joined the team in 2019 as a copywriter. His main responsibilities involve researching and writing valuable content for our client-partners to ultimately help them achieve their goals. Pete works closely with the Marketing and Account Management teams to ensure his content aligns to what each client is looking to achieve.

    After graduating from university with a creative writing degree, Pete joined us to further explore and utilise his passion for writing and content marketing. Pete pieces together a consistent stream of written content for our partners tailored to each of their needs and of course their tone of voice.

    When Pete is out of the office you’ll find him in the kitchen experimenting with new recipes to try out. Two of his favourite hobbies that succeed cooking would be football and trying to read as many books time will allow him. Just like at work, Pete enjoys setting goals in his personal life to keep developing and learning.

  • paulpaul
    Paul Web Designer

    Having worked with the Bright Design team before, supporting us with other projects, Paul joined the Bright Design team full-time as a Web Designer in 2021.

    Paul has an impressive 8-years experience in the world of web design, throughout this time he has worked with a number of businesses and has also had his own company dedicated to freelance work.

    Paul was very excited to join the team full-time and to get back to working in a team environment, he’s looking forward to continuing his skillset development as he supports the wider development team on various web design projects and tasks for our client-partners.

    Outside of the office, Paul has quite the skill for clay-pigeon shooting as well as taking up Airsoft too. Swapping his trigger finger for a paintbrush, Paul also enjoys working on custom art pieces and commissioning custom paint jobs.

  • Karolina Web Developer

    Karolina joined Bright Design back in the Summer of 2019 as a Web Developer. Her responsibilities include supporting our clients with various programming-related tasks, ranging from building bespoke websites from scratch to conducting continuous maintenance on a variety of sites.

    Karolina finished her BSc degree in the lovely Welsh town of Aberystwyth and moved to Northampton where she conducted her further studies. She has just completed her dissertation for her MSc in Computing and looking forward to receiving her diploma.

    Outside of work, Karolina’s main passion is travelling, so far she’s backpacked in Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, Chile and Japan. If Karolina isn’t out exploring the globe you’ll find her with her head in a book or socialising with her nearest and dearest. (Like the rest of us) She’s committed to staying healthy but has an irresistible attachment to white chocolate!

  • HarleyHarley
    Harley Team Morale Leader

    Arguably the most important member of the Bright Design team! Introducing Harley, she is responsible for meeting and greeting every person who enters the office, as well as snooping around everyone’s lunch to ensure the team are all eating healthily.

    Harley also provides the team with a lot of smiles and laughs too.

    When Harley isn’t working, you can find her chilling out on the sofa in our break room or sunning herself on the terrace. All-in-all she’s a great asset to the team and we’re not sure where we would be without her!


"Our mantra is: if we get you the results, you'll get the business, and you'll stay with us. So that's what we do. But we only manage that by testing the latest techniques and staying up-to-date in a fast-moving industry, so that your business is always leading the market in your digital marketing."

Luke Kennedy - Director

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The bottom line, that's what it's all about. But to generate revenue needs more than just a website, it's a combination of factors. SEO, PPC, Email Marketing etc etc etc, a million things to trip over and tempt you to spend your hard earned money.