We are the experts when it comes to Pay Per Click campaigns and PPC Management.

Our specialists are all Google Adwords Certified, and are ready to save you money on your click budgets so you can increase the returns on your investment.


Pay-Per-Click marketing doesn’t have to be a mine-field. By choosing the correct keyword targets, and carefully understanding the people we want to target, you’ll be spending your budgets on keywords that generate highly qualified leads that are ready to take the next desired step.

    • business financing and budgeting

      Get in contact today for a bespoke PPC analysis of your Google AdWords account.

      Whether you currently have PPC management or you are completely new to the world of search engine marketing, at Bright Design we will conduct in-depth analysis to make sure you will get the best results possible.

      Our team of highly trained Google specialists have all undergone intense training. They not only know how to help your AdWord campaigns flourish now but they are always looking into the future. We endeavour to keep up to date and ensure we are testing new innovative tools and trends before the rest of the market.

    • business financing and budgeting

      Let’s have a look at some of the benefits you will receive when you decide to let Bright Design manage your Pay Per Click campaign:

      In-depth analysis of your current Google AdWords campaign to:

      Highlight any areas where you are not utilising your spend efficiently.

      Ensure that your ads are written in a way that advertises your business as it should.

      Keyword targeting effectiveness.

      Regular bid adjustments to ensure you are receiving the best ROI possible.

      Highly skilled copywriters that will produce ads that will convert.

      You will have your own account manager that will not change so they always know what is going on and how best to adjust the campaign.

    • Let’s get this PPC campaign started!

      At Bright Design we really just want to help you make more money. We want to help your business grow like we have through professional, targeted Pay Per Click advertising. We will make sure that your Google AdWords campaign works alongside any existing SEO & PR activity to ensure that we get the most from your spend.

      On top of this, we will make sure you understand all the ins & outs of what we are doing so you do not have to waste any time trying to figure it all out, we want to work in partnership with you, not for you.

      Over the years we have evolved and changed along with the search engine advertising world, we plan to keep this up and would love to take you along for the ride too. Why not contact us today and see how we can help.

    Functional & beautiful websites

    The bottom line, that's what it's all about. But to generate revenue needs more than just a website, it's a combination of factors. SEO, PPC, Email Marketing etc etc etc, a million things to trip over and tempt you to spend your hard earned money.