The Challenge

Eggshell Online came to us back when we first began as a company; they were eager to grow as a business and wanted to be one of the UK’s largest and most successful company supplying Chicken Coops, Houses & Hutches.

Eggshell was sitting comfortably in the search results but not quite reaching the top, where they needed to be to reach a nation audience. In such a competitive niche we had a challenging task ahead, but at Bright Design this is when we thrive.

Whilst Eggshell were getting a steady stream of traffic, their bounce rate was high and customers were not converting as much as they should. But their underperforming, under-optimised website was not a problem to overcome: it was a huge opportunity for Eggshell to reach their full potential. So, that’s what we did.

The Strategy

When we teamed up with Eggshell we decided there were a few things that we knew we really wanted to do to start along the path to achieving their online goals.

eggshell online screenshot of old website
Screenshot of Old Eggshell Website from November 2015

– Website redesign: since they had a fully functioning site but it was not responsive & was outdated and simplistic. A new design would make for a more enjoyable user journey which would help keep the customers engaged and reduce bounce rate.

– Improved search visibility: this would in turn help drive traffic & make sure we were attracting the right customers who would end up converting.

– Improved conversion rate: with this the main aim of the game, we finally needed to ensure the maximum amount of this new traffic would convert into leads, helping them make more from their website.

The Results

Their new responsive website is now ranking and converting incredibly well, hitting their peak monthly website conversions at 86 conversions. With each individual sale being worth £50-£400, they have really seen an incredible return on investment, and they are continuing to grow and improve even now as their SEO campaign develops.

Even with a limited budget, it’s still great to be able to show the great results SEO can bring combined with a good website. In less than a year we have secured first page positions for all their major keywords, and we won’t stop ‘til they’re at the top!

Get Great SEO Results for Your Business

Want to find out how we can help you get to the top, whatever your budget? Eggshell Online is a perfect example of the results you can get with minimal spend – or if you’ve got a bigger budget, get the same results, only faster!

For more information check out our SEO page, or if you’re looking for a new website design to boost conversions, we can help with that too – just get in touch!

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