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Eurodrive UK are one of the UK’s leading car and vehicle hire services, and are based in Oxford and Didcot in the UK. However, dsepite being wel-known in their local areas, they were struggling to reach a broader national audience because of their website.

Eurodrive came to us back in 2016 with a clean but ultimately outdated – and hugely under-optimised – website. The Fiat 500 image was a great landing page image, but this image ran throughout their website on every page, regardless of the vehicle type being advertised on that page (van, car, minibus, etc.).

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Eurodrive’s main issue was that they weren’t being found for the large variety of vehicles they offered, and their homepage wasn’t effectively communicating what their company was all about: care and vehicle hire. So in the redesign, we put the words ‘rental’ and ‘hire’ above the fold, whilst keeping the focus on the imagery of the vehicles. We also decided to make the homepage photo a picture of their warehouse in Oxford, so that immediately users could see what Eurodrive do, as well as feel connected to a real company with a real location.

As you scroll through the site, you’ll see that we made it light and airy to keep the original feel of the site, working the brand logo colours into the design to highlight click-through points to the user and helping drive the customers through the site sales funnel.

Now the Eurodrive website is converting at a peak level, and combined with an SEO campaign that has driven up their rankings by over 550 places, they are now a very happy customer!

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