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Floor Sander Hire is one of UK’s leading floor sander hire company, with their supplies store and headquarters based in Harrow, London.

Before they came to us, they were with a previous digital marketing company, however, they weren’t getting the success that they were hoping for.

They came to us in 2014 with a website that appeared to have a very basic designed layout, resulting in an unfriendly user journey and therefore a small number of conversions. The overall appearance of the website may have driven away traffic, for example, the free delivery icons used to look rather common, general and look as if they don’t belong with the rest of the website.

Floor Sander Hire was part of a larger group of companies, after helping and developing their site for three and a half years, they can now be a standalone business.

Below is a snapshot of their old website from when they come on board with us:

Floor sander hires old website

We decided it’s best to transform this website significantly into a much more improved version of the old one. Their new website has given Floor Sander Hire a large boost in terms of conversion rate. A factor of this is that the old website was not mobile responsive, as most of their traffic was entering the site via mobile they weren’t getting the conversions that they could have been. Now with the new and mobile responsive website, they are getting the maximum conversions.

We focused on not only on upgrading the overall design and look of the navigation bar but ensuring that it is more simplified. This is done by putting all of the product categories into a drop-down menu, whilst also allowing the user to now search whilst specifying which product category they want to search for, ensuring an easy to use user journey. On top of this, we expanded upon some of the products with higher resolution images along with a more detailed description to ensure that the customer knows exactly what they are hiring.

We also enhanced the colour scheme of the website but kept the same colour of their brand by going with a more darker approach, to allow for a more pleasant to the eye view of the website. This darker tone also allows for the product images to pop out on a users screen, enticing them to find out more about the product.

Along with the new website, we’ve seen a brilliant increase in rankings which has brought in a plenty amount of traffic and conversions for Floor Sander Hire. Love the design of this website? Or perhaps you’re curious about other website designs we can bring to you? Then please do get in touch, our expert team are always happy to answer any questions that you might have.


If you like the style of this site, or are interested in the other website designs we can offer you, do get in touch; our web design team provide bespoke solutions for every client and are always happy to answer any questions you might have.


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