The Challenge

Saturn Interiors, family-run kitchen and bedroom renovators in Northampton, came to us in 2016 with a website that didn’t show them as the innovative designers they really were. In terms of their SEO, they were ranking for a minimal number of keywords and had limited search visibility.

Despite being one of the leading kitchen, bedroom and bathroom installers in Northampton, they were not getting the traffic they deserved, and with their beautiful showroom hidden away in the X industrial estate, they desperately needed this website traffic to help locals find their store.

The Strategy

Based on Saturn’s needs and objectives, we determined the following main points would be our SEO strategy focus:

Help locals find their store:

– increased visibility locally
– increase traffic
– ensure traffic was being driven to contact or showroom page

Help improve local rankings:

– improve engagement/reduce bounce rate with better content
– improve online authority

All of this with an aim to drive more people to their store in visits, and drive conversions that we could track such as contact form submissions, many that would ultimately convert to sales.

What we did:
– GMB optimisation
– Gained authority in niche and in local area online
– Drove social signals to website
– Created traffic-driving content
– Content improved engagement thus improving rankings
– Employed an internal linking strategy to drive traffic to the contact/showroom page
– Created supporting pages targeting locations they serve

The Results

Content and on-site optimisation drove engagement to improve rankings and traffic:

We’ve now seen an improvement of 71% in user average session duration and a 27% drop in bounce rate. Combined with an increase in rankings, Saturn Interiors saw an incredible increase of 1299% in traffic since we began the campaign.

Local rankings:

We put them on the map for other local areas they serve such as Buckingham and Milton Keynes, and got them ranking in the top three for their competitive core keyword “kitchens Northampton” over the course of their campaign, and their position is still increasing. Watch this space for when we achieve number one ranking for this high-traffic keyword, which we predict to be by the end of 2017.

Rankings and traffic improvements:

Overall, from July 2016 to the following July, Saturn Interiors have seen an increase of 1,261 positions on tracked keywords, and increasing search visibility exponentially, with ranking keywords being expanded from under 100 to now 550+ and climbing.

screenshot of saturn interiors seo results in reporting tool
Screenshot of Saturn Interiors’ SEO Results from Reporting Tool on 03/08/17

This increased search visibility has seen their conversions increase steadily over the months, and their kitchen showroom visits too have soared. They are now getting exponentially more customers visiting their showroom and reaping the benefits in sales – and we won’t stop until they are top for everything!

Future SEO Strategy

We’re currently working with Saturn Interiors to further optimise their website for conversions and continuing to optimise for their main keyword terms, while expanding on locations they rank for too, such as Bicester.

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