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    Results-driven SEO Company

    As Bright Design, our motto is, if we get you results you’ll stay with us and grow. Success for us, is making you successful.

    So, of course, showing you those results, monitoring progress and proving your (and our) success is imperative and a vital part of what we do. We report formally on your website analytics every month, and monitor user activity, ranking changes and any issues every day so that you never have to worry about your website.

    With the Bright Design team looking after your SEO, as well as your usual SEO package our attentive team of digital experts constantly check your website’s site health, as well as checking for any potential errors or issues; troubleshooting and futureproofing against potential Google algorithm penalties; and tweaking your SEO strategy according to findings in your analytics data.

    Plus, with our unique reporting tool, you can login at any time and see your website analytics data in real time, so you can see your website’s success for yourself!


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“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing about.” - Benjamin Franklin

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    Understanding Key Metrics in SEO Reporting


    At Bright Design, we want to take the jargon out of the complex Search Engine Optimisation strategies and data so that you can understand each and every bit of how we work, how we plan on improving your site, and what these many metrics mean.

    As you read on, we’ll go through the most important metrics our team will report on to show your progress, breaking them down to layman’s lingo whilst also getting to the nub of why they’re important and so incredibly powerful for your business.

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    Tracking Metrics in the Bright Design Reporting Tool

    Your website traffic metrics are key to understanding the number of visits your website receives, where this traffic comes from, and what this means to your business.

    The most common website metrics to track are Sessions (number of visits), % of New Sessions (the % of visits that are new), engagement metrics such as time spent on your website (duration of session), pages viewed per session and bounce rate(% of users who immediately leave your site), along with the various channels that have directed traffic to your website: Direct, Organic Search, Referral, Social and Paid Search.

    Tracking sessions and engagement over time and comparing month-on-month and week-on-week using the Bright Design reporting interface we can see how the number of visitors to the site increase over time, whether more users are finding what they are looking for on your website, track immediate success attributing results to your SEO campaigns, and flag up any problems quickly so they can be addressed and rectified.

    Our reporting tool utilises the data that is collected through Google Analytics, so you can also use Google Analytics directly alongside our Bright Design tool, and we can work with you to set up custom dashboards so that you can track more intricate data that may be more relevant for your business.

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    Tracking Your Website Traffic

    Tracking your organic traffic means you can determine the effectiveness of your SEO campaign which is what we report to you on every month. The percentage of new sessions allows us to track your search visibility and the number of new users who are finding your website. At Bright Design, we track this metric alongside the number of keywords for which you are ranked to give you the fullest picture possible when it comes to your search visibility.

    Understanding your traffic and where it comes from also means that you can direct your marketing efforts to favour channels where you are already successful at acquiring traffic, or specifically target channels where you are under-performing.

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    Search Rankings, search visibility and ranking spread

    Your rankings of course are key – it’s what we’re all after! That number one top spot. So, we track  your rankings as they improve over time so we can map ranking jumps to our optimisation efforts, and see what is the most powerful for getting you ranked, fast. This also means that we can flag up issues such as keywords that are under-performing, and tailor your ongoing strategy to specifically target these issues.

    As mentioned in the traffic section, we track your search visibility through tracking how many keywords you rank for alongside tracking your impressions using a comprehensive SEO research tool, making a note of these metrics regularly to see your improvement over time.

    This is a good way to see new terms that you are cropping up for, and improvements of old rankings following a new SEO campaign – as well as highlighting terms that your competitors are ranking for that you aren’t, so we can tailor your content to rank for those, and outwit the competition.

  • Evaluating Engagement Metrics

    Measuring how your website visitors engage with your website means that you can quickly see if there are any issues, such as high bounce rate or low pages viewed per session. This means that users searching aren’t finding what they are looking for on your site, the website has not impressed them, or there is a technical issue with your site: for instance your page load speed might be slow so users may lose patience and immediately leave the site.

    Understanding these metrics and what they mean for your website is key to flagging up issues or opportunities for improvement. Content is also key when it comes to understanding engagement metrics, since you may not always want users to spend lots of time on your website if you are aiming to provide quick answers or get users through a quick sales funnel. If this is the case, we would analyse the user journey to ensure that each page is doing its job effectively and getting the user to where they need to end up, be it the checkout or the contact page.

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    Conversions and Conversion Rates

    As above in the engagement section, understanding how your users engage with your website means that you can optimise it to improve your conversion rate, by either using tried and tested methods to feed your customers down the buying funnel of your website, or by testing your own ideas with A/B split testing.

    If your website isn’t converting, then it’s not doing its job! We track your conversions carefully so we make sure your site is working as hard for you as it can.

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    Unlock your website's potential

    Tracking all of these metrics and analysing the way users interact with your website, as well as your search visibility alongside that of your competitors, means that we can constantly uncover new ways to improve your website.

    At Bright Design, we view every issue, every under-performing page or keyword, every failed conversion, every technical error, as an exciting opportunity to make your site better, faster, stronger, and more importantly: rank higher and generate more sales.

    Tracking metrics is key to your SEO campaign and how we constantly reassess your SEO strategy to get your the best results, as quickly as possible, and through the power of metrics, we can help you ultimately unlock the true, amazing potential of your site.

    Contact us today to find out more about how metrics are the key to your website’s success, and how we can help you open the door to endless new business.

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The Awesome Power of Analytics

Reporting is not often an exciting topic in most industries or roles, but within SEO it couldn’t be more exciting. Everything we do as part of your SEO campaign is based on your website data: where the issues are, where you could improve the most, where you could improve over your competitors, and more. Each part of your analytics helps us to carefully craft your strategy to get the most powerful optimisation punch to get you to the top of the search results.