• SEO for Accountants

    SEO for Accountants: More Than Just the Numbers

    SEO is crucial for any accountants using the internet to attract and convert new customers. Using search engine optimisation strategies will help you improve your ranking in search results, attract new clients, and grow your firm.

    Gone are the days of flipping through phone books to find new clients. With the internet at our fingertips, we now have access to all the information we need in a matter of seconds, so it only makes sense to utilise this for marketing purposes as well.

    In this new, search engine-driven marketing landscape, your clients come to you rather than the other way around. Almost instantly, consumers have access to volumes of information about you and your competitors. They then use this information to make a consumer decision.

    While it would be great for clients to make their decision based on merit, accessibility and ease usually have something to do with it. Search engine results that show up on the first page are leaps and bounds more likely to get clicks than results on any other page. And on that first page, the higher the rank, the better the chances are.

    With proper search engine optimisation for accountants, your firm can earn a top spot on search engine results pages and in turn find more clients, make more profit, and grow exponentially.

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    • Improve your Search Engine Optimisation for Accountants

      Here’s how we can help you with search engine optimisation:

      Improve Your Organic Reach

      If no one is seeing your CPA firm’s website linked in their search engine results, how can they find you unless they’re typing in your web address directly? In order for a site to be accessible to searchers, it must be optimised properly so that Google, Bing, or Yahoo can understand it. We know the tips and tricks to boost your ranks and improve the number of people that find you.

      Show Up in Local Searches

      What’s especially important to CPA firms is local business. While you may want consumers in other areas to be aware of your brand, they probably don’t fall into your target audience. Using our comprehensive SEO for accountants, you can show up in local searches and attract those who are in close enough proximity to you to actually use your services.

    • Positive Results from Accountant SEO

      Outrank the Competition

      Because most brands are aware of SEO by now, there’s some stiff competition on the results page. That means your SEO needs to out-rank the competitors to land you a spot above the rest. With proper care and a team that’s dedicated to making your site stand out, that’s not as hard as it may sound.

      Generate Leads

      SEO for financial services can target not only the searches but also the searchers. Tailored SEO will target certain searches, giving you to the kinds of leads that offer great potential to convert into high-value customers.

      The Road to SEO Success

      Being online means nothing unless you’re visible and accessible. Search engine optimisation is the easiest way to get more exposure on the Internet, targeting potential customers and converting their leads into sales.


    • Accountant SEO

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