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    SEO for Builders: Building Your Business Online

    As a builder, you’re the expert when it comes to creating structurally beautiful buildings, whether that’s a new, modern extension or a loft conversion for a growing family. No matter the project you and your team can accomplish it. Are you receiving as many work enquiries as you think you should be? No? Well, search engine optimisation may be the answer for you.


    Gone are the days when word of mouth was enough to keep the enquiries rolling in. With the industry being so busy and crowded, it can be difficult to stand out and attract those new customers you need. It’s never been so important for any business to have a successful online presence and being in those top three spaces on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page, or the first page that appears when you search something on Google or Bing). Did you know… that over 55% of searchers click on the first three search results!

  • Here’s How we can Help You

    Here at Bright Design, we provide effective and direct SEO solutions for builders in the construction industry. Our SEO service is perfect for those looking to boost their online presence and take their business to the next level. Grab the attention of new customers with the power of SEO. Our SEO service is tailored to you and your building business, but we aim to improve the content on your website and optimise it for your relevant keywords. You’re sure to notice as you start to rank better in the search results that organic traffic on your website will increase. Thus, in return, a larger volume of enquiries will start to roll in.


    How can SEO Help My Business Thrive?

    Do you know what SEO stands for? No? Well, not to worry, we’re here to help you every step of the way. Search engine optimisation or more commonly known as SEO can help your business grow and meet your goals and objectives. SEO is not just about search engines but good SEO aims to improve user experience. Heightened traffic, producing new leads and an enhanced reputation for your business are just three of many benefits for using SEO for your building business. SEO is the most cost-effective method of digital marketing solutions for builders and can make a tremendous difference if done so correctly. If you’re looking to acquire customers and advance new leads, then you have come to the right place.

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    • Build Your Business With SEO

      Link Building

      Ranking in those top three positions in search engines, specifically for very competitive terms and markets, isn’t all about compiling keywords and stuffing your website with hundreds of pages. Google also likes to take the authority of your website into consideration. The authority of your website is based around a few factors, this includes age, how your traffic responds to your website, and how many links you have coming from other websites. If you’re considering a way to boost the authority of your website – link building is a great way to do so.


      Improved Agency Reputation

      Through implementing SEO into your building business, you will be able to improve your business’s reputation. Yes, that’s right. Improve your business reputation and brand loyalty through the processes and aspects of SEO. Reviews provide new consumers with unbiased information regarding your services and allow them to make an informed decision.

      Have you ever checked the reviews before purchasing a product or service? The majority of you would have, we like to make sure that the product/service we are purchasing is the best price and highest of quality to ensure the product is right. We even frequently compare products without even knowing it. If this is through word of mouth or reviews on a Google My Business page, either way, we like to know we are being provided with the best possible service.

    • Plan The Future Of Your Business With SEO

      Keyword Research

      Keywords are one of the most crucial parts of SEO – they’re words, phrases and occasionally full sentences/questions that your customers are searching for when they’re trying to find something specific. Google and other search engines determine the relevance of your website using keywords. The more relevant your content is the more likely you’re to rank for those top three positions.


      Increase Online Visibility

      No matter if you’re a small independent building business or national business, brand visibility is key when it comes to client conversion. When your website appears frequently in search results, people start to become more familiar with your building business. Therefore, keeping your building business in those top spots of the search engine is ideal to target your audience, this enables you to help your business thrive and grow in such a demanding market. Ensuring prospect customers and existing clients feel confident using you instead of your competitors.

    • Grow Your Business Online With SEO

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