The Benefits of Guest Posting

Guest posting is one of the best online marketing approaches you can invest in, this being said, guest posting is often forgotten about. If you would like to spread your brand’s message and gain trust from your target audience, start providing content to the world so they can better understand your market or niche. Not satisfied that you should write and publish content for someone else’s site…? We have listed the top 3 benefits of guest posting. 

Social Media Marketing

As we all know, social media marketing has become HUGE in terms of business, and it is vital that you have a good presence on social media platforms. Generating social media shares is one way to extend your online reach, the extra shares your content gets will translate in how far you can expand your brand’s online presence and the number of people who will become aware of your products & services.

If you are submitting a guest post to a blog with plenty of social media activity, then the shares should follow naturally once your content gets published. To get the ball rolling even faster and more efficiently, consider embedding infographics into the guest post. They can help generate more engagement on social media.

Depending on what deal you strike when guest posting, you can also feature in the business’ social media accounts via dedicated posts promoting the new content. If unfortunately, this option is not on the table, then you can still reach out and tap into that business’ audience with social media posts promoting the guest post and tagging the companies social media accounts. This will, therefore, appear in the news feed for all of the business’ followers, expanding your own social media presence in the process. 

Social Media Marketing

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Improve your Online Authority

Marketing is all about authority, especially on Google. Even with the top content in your industry and niche, it’ll be tough to convert your readers into faithful subscribers or paying customers if they don’t trust your business. By contributing to other trustworthy blogs, you get the chance to prove your credibility as an information source. It will also make your audience trust you more and realise that you are recognised with trustworthy brands.

Seeing another company recommend you or present you as a reliable source of information will grow trust in your brand, especially if you are recommended by a company who already has a history of being a reliable source. 

In terms of Google and SEO, the best way this can be translated to Google is via a link from the post directly to your website. 

2nd Tier Link Building

Within SEO, building links directed towards your website is a major part of moving up the organic SERPS. This is why you’ll hear all over the internet that the best way to get your website ranking is through links. Typically, the more links, the better.

Now, this sometimes isn’t always the case. As gaining 1 powerful link can do more for your website than securing 10 weak links. The link power (juice) that is passed on from 1 powerful link can drastically improve the way in which Google views your website as an authority. In summary, you are creating a link asset on another website, that will naturally gain links from other websites. By doing this you will gain the link juice from all the websites linking to your guest post and the juice from the guest post itself. 

If you strike a hot topic (or seasonal topic) in your guest post, the guest post will be a link asset for the website. If this asset picks up traction online and is linked too via other sites; the power of the guest post will increase, the power from that page will then be fired across to your own website. Meaning that you are gaining more power out of fewer links. 

There are loads of benefits that you can take advantage of by simply implementing guest posting into your link building strategy. Things from gaining links to increasing your social media influence. 

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Fraser Kerns

Fraser joined the Bright Design team as an SEO Executive. He’s responsible for identifying and implementing different strategies, techniques and tactics to achieve and exceed our client-partner’s objectives. Whether it be to increase traffic, lead generation or conversions, Fraser plays an important role in the marketing and delivery team.

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