The Definitive 6-Step Digital Copywriting Checklist

Content is king in the digital copywriting and SEO world.

And copywriting is the skill that will deliver you great content. With the right content marketing, you can rank higher on SERPs, increase leads, and maximise your ROIs and profits.

Copywriting isn’t magic. It isn’t a special type of writing only a few people are capable of. Copy is just another word for a written piece of content – anything from your website’s homepage to a blog to a landing page. Copywriting isn’t about cheap hacks…

Advice on copywriting and tips

The key to successful copywriting is consistency. If you can produce the right amount of copy (words) at a high-quality, regularly, that is the key. Below is an easy to follow checklist for creating an excellent, profitable copy:

1.   Identify your Target Audience

Who is your reader? Who are you writing for?

Define whether you are writing B2B or B2C content, as well as where on their consumer journey they will be reading your content. Once you have a clear picture in your mind of your target audience, you can tailor the writing on your website specifically for them.

It is vital to know who you want your writing to appeal to. This way you’re more likely to secure goal conversions as well as generate leads through your online presence:

2.   Write to Meet your Goals

What do you want your content to achieve?

Digital copywriting will be looking to generate specific goal conversions. Such as increase click-through-rate, generate enquiries, or increase sign-ups to an email newsletter, are some examples.

This is your call-to-action (CTA). Think about it, if you’re not sure about what you want your writing to achieve, how will your readers?

To persuade your reader to follow your CTA you need to give them what they want. Explain the benefits of your product or service in a clear and interesting way.

3.   Use a Clear Tone-of-Voice & Style

This is how you make your writing interesting; inject your brand’s personality and style into your content. The right TOV will bring in customers and clients and keep them loyal to your business.

Analyse your competitors, customers and clients, and yourself as a business. Take inspiration from your identified target audience. Do you want to be conversational or professional? Friendly or informative?

But remember formal doesn’t have to be boring and conversational doesn’t mean unprofessional.

4.   Focus on Topic Clusters

A lot of people think they understand SEO. One thing you may hear someone say is to focus on a keyword you want your webpage/blog to rank for. But the truth is it takes a lot more work…

Pick a topic and write about that topic. With some tweaks and changes from SEO specialists, even inexperienced writers can create search engine optimised content. To find out more about expert SEO services, get in touch with us at Bright Design today!

5.   Be Interesting & Engaging

Sounds obvious, right? But how to engage readers and have them interact with your CTA is a crucial skill for copywriters. It isn’t easy either. This is the writing skill that takes practise and technique.

Try to tell a story. In your writing, have a clear direction that explores your product or service and culminates in your CTA.

Try presenting a problem your product or service is the solution for. With the right tone and style, this is how you create engaging, beneficial content for your reader and your business.

6.   Expect to be Ignored

Don’t take it personally, but most people skim read. Especially online, you’ve probably skimmed through this blog if you’ve got this far!

With this in mind, put your most important information in the very first place a site visitor will look. This way they are more likely to carry on reading your content and see your CTA.

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