The Importance of Social Media Marketing 

Whether you run a small independent business or a larger national company, social media is an essential part of your business marketing strategy. Social media helps your business build relationships with your customers, boost brand awareness, and increase your enquires and sales. With over 2.7 billion social media users, it’s most definitely not a passing trend. Social media marketing is a great way for small, large and every size business in between to reach new customers and build relationships with existing customers. 


What is Social Media Marketing? 

Social media marketing, or commonly referred to as SMM, is a form of digital marketing. It involves creating and sharing content across social media platforms to help your business achieve it’s marketing goals. This includes paid social media advertising too. 

Tips & Tricks for Your Social Media Marketing Plan

When creating a social media marketing plan it’s important to consider your business’s goals. Starting a social media campaign without a social strategy is not a great idea, some would say it’s like walking through a desert without a compass. When identifying your SMM goals, you may wish to answer the following questions;

  • What do you want to achieve through SMM?
  • What message do you want to send?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What social media platforms do your target audience use? 

Why Should I Advertise on Social Media?

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, all offer highly targeted ads. These ads can be customised around your targeted audience, meaning you can rest assured knowing that you will reach the right people. For example, with Facebook ads, you can target customers by age, education level, location, behaviours and industry. 

Did you know that…70% B2C businesses have acquired customers through Facebook. By boosting the right social media posts, you can attract a lot of traffic, a fraction of which you could with targeted Google ads.

Can Social Media Boost my SEO? 

In simple terms, yes, social media can help to boost your site’s SEO. Driving traffic from your social media to your website is great for your rankings. Search engine “crawlers” can identify which websites have healthy amounts of traffic, and which are just floating about, driving traffic to your pages will help you to climb those rankings. 

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SMM is Fun! 

Get creative and have some fun, social media marketing doesn’t have to be boring. Host a Twitter chat to celebrate the release of a new product, or how about having some geek time whilst A/B testing Facebook ads. When creating some social media posts ensure that it is relevant to your business and you have fun with it. 

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Emily Bradnam

Emily joined the Bright Design team as an apprentice in 2018 and now plays a key role within the marketing team as an SEO Executive. Her main responsibilities are to identify strategies, techniques and tactics to improve the number of online visitors to client’s websites. Driving growth and profit for our client-partners.

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