The Importance of Web Design

If you are currently looking to create a new site or are wondering whether to update your site’s look and feel, I will be going through some of the many reasons behind why web design is significant for your website. Some of the main points which will be covered include the effect web design has on user engagement, branding and social proof, SEO (search engine optimisation), conversion rates and more.

Website Navigation

With good web design, you are able to fully optimise your site to create an optimal user journey. This is particularly important from a business standpoint as you are ensuring that the user can easily navigate throughout the site and gather all the information they need to. For example, if a user enters your e-commerce site and cannot find a particular category of products easily, they are more likely to bounce off the site and visit another which is easier to navigate. 

As a result, not only is the bounce rate affected, but the conversion rate is decreased. A well designed website with user experience as a core focus will result in a streamlined user journey. Ensuring users aren’t having to work to find what they want is pivotal in working towards a low drop off rate. A good quote from a well known usability author called Steve Krug is “As a user, I should never have to devote a millisecond of thought to whether things are clickable-or not.” 


One of the most important factors of a successful business is branding and social proof. This is so as the business grows, the brand grows with it. This is recognisable through various elements such as: the logo, theme of the site, site structure and imaging/videos etc. 

A site with consistent branding should mean that a user can land on any given web page and recognise the branding. Users will be more likely to convert on a site that they are familiar with.


We have talked about navigation for the user and how that may begin to affect certain metrics such as bounce rate and conversion rate, however there are more factors that link to SEO. 

Firstly, having a well built site can help with other important factors such as site speed/load time. People entering the site and navigating through the site want to have it load quickly, otherwise they may abandon the site (also known as a bounce). 

To ensure that the site loads quickly, the developer or designer would have to ensure there isn’t excessive use of large images and video files, and that the site has been programmed optimally. 

Online Shopping on Laptop


Evidently, when looking through some of the various factors affected by web design, we can see how important it is for SEO, customer experience, business and other related metrics such as bounce rate. This is why it is important to ensure you have an up to date website which has been designed with both SEO and the user journey in mind.

If you are looking for a site redesign or rebuild, here at Bright Design we have in house web developers and designers that have created numerous websites for reputable businesses. Therefore, if you have any enquiries, please visit our contact page or call us on 01604 806020.

Fraser Kerns

Fraser joined the Bright Design team as an SEO Executive. He’s responsible for identifying and implementing different strategies, techniques and tactics to achieve and exceed our client-partner’s objectives. Whether it be to increase traffic, lead generation or conversions, Fraser plays an important role in the marketing and delivery team.

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