Top Content Tips To Improve Your SEO

From everyone at Bright Design, we hope you’re staying safe. As a digital marketing agency, we’re very lucky that we can still deliver results for our clients from our own homes. This means that while everyone is isolating at home, this is an opportunity to grow your digital reach.

Trends show that as more lockdown measures were put in place various search terms spiked dramatically. This shows a clear demand for products within certain niches and an opportunity to generate leads and profits.

Search trends

And even if your business is not within a niche that people are searching for, by improving your SEO, when the lockdown is lifted your business will be the first one people see on SERPs. Staying static is the worse thing you can do in digital marketing. Improving your SEO is vital not just for growth, but also to ensure you stay ahead of your competitors. To do this your business needs a clear content strategy:

Any content strategy needs to be two things: topical and relevant. If your website’s content is not constantly evolving throughout the year then your competitors are going to race ahead of your business. These are Bright Design’s top tips for producing great content while isolating:


For a local business, working within your community is crucial. Unfortunately, this may not be possible at the moment. This is why it’s vital to use your business’s online presence to reach out to your customers. Even if you are temporarily closed, tell them. Put out information on your website and across all your digital and social platforms. Honest and accurate communication is the key to great content.

If you’re a business that is affected by the lockdown, it’s important to keep your brand at the forefront of people’s minds. Keep adding content to your site, keep people updated on your business, and improve your SEO so you can overtake your competitors when you reopen your business.

Adapt Your Niche

Not everyone is going to be part of a niche that has a spike in search traffic. But with some simple tweaks to your on-site content, you could see an influx of new users on your website. Adapt your content and your business for the current situation the world is in.

Think about the content your target audience will normally search for. This is what should be on your website already. How can you adapt this content to optimise for what people are searching for today? This may mean adapting your business if it’s safe to do so. If you can improve your SEO with great content you could be in a stronger position than ever in a few months.

Generate Future Leads

SEO is all about delivering a ROI, to do this you need to generate leads. Create content that targets future leads, such as services your business will be perfect for later in the year. Target opportunities now that may not come off right now but will in the future.

This strategy is all about coming out of this period of time with as many opportunities as possible. Target future lead possibilities and the odds are in your favour some will come off in the months ahead. If you have potential clients and improved SEO when things get back to normal, your business is going to be in a position to maximise your profits and grow more and more. 

Thank you for reading our blog on creating content while isolating. To find out more about how we can transform your business’s online presence get in touch on 01604 806020. Or please feel free to fill in the enquiry form on our contact page today.

Luke Kennedy

Luke founded Bright Design in 2014 with the aim of bringing a fresh and incomparable approach to a crowded digital marketplace. Providing bespoke end-to-end digital marketing solutions for a variety of different businesses in a number of unique sectors and industries. Luke ensures that every decision made at Bright Design is guided by core values, knowledge, and expertise to achieve tangible results for all client-partners.

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