Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing

Digital marketing and traditional marketing have always been competing to be the main marketing channel since digital came about. However, now we have seen further improvement and high movement over to the digital marketing channel.

But how do the two marketing channels fare up against each other and why should you focus your marketing efforts into the digital world? In this blog, I will go through and explain all of that to give you a greater understanding as to why digital marketing should be your main marketing channel.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a marketing channel that encompasses all digital devices and the internet. It also utilises online strategies such as web design, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), Social Media, PPC (Pay-Per-Click) and email marketing, as well as many others.

This marketing channel and it’s different strategies are not limited to just online businesses but can work for both online and brick and mortar businesses.

Digital Marketing Pros & Cons

Pros of Digital Marketing;

Affordable – Having a well thought out and properly planned digital marketing campaign will allow you to reach the right customers who will convert for you, giving you a higher ROI at a lower cost to that of traditional.

Easy to Track – With the use of online analytical tracking systems and tools, it makes it a lot easier to get an understanding of how effective your campaign has been.

High Volume Reach – Being online allows you to connect and reach out to millions, if not billions of people all over the world within the click of a button.

Cons of Digital Marketing;

Time-Consuming – When starting a digital marketing campaign there are many areas which can be time-consuming, such as creating content and optimising websites. While doing this, there are also constant updates to algorithms and different trends happening, which you need to be aware of.

High Competitiveness – While being able to reach a global audience of billions, you also come up against major competitors within your business niche. With this, it can often make it a challenge to stand out as well as rank above competitors, which needs to be done if you are to reach a substantial amount of visitors within your targeted audience.

What is Traditional Marketing?

Traditional marketing is more of a broad term in regards to the different forms of advertising and marketing it can offer, as opposed to digital. All in all, traditional forms of marketing encompass promotion that is placed offline, away from the internet.

There are four main areas inside of traditional marketing, that being print which is magazines, newspapers, brochures and other printed materials for mass distribution. Direct mail which is printed materials that are posted directly to consumers. Broadcasting which is advertisements that are done through television or radio. And lastly, Telemarketing which is the process of cold calling potential consumers.

Traditional Marketing

Traditional Marketing Pros & Cons

Pros of Traditional Marketing;

Easy to Reach Local Audiences – Local audiences are easily targeted through the means of print and radio due to the locality of these services.

Familiar with more People – This channel of marketing is more familiar to those who may be within the older generation or not as familiar with today’s latest technology.

More Personal – Traditional marketing allows you to cross paths with potential consumers in a more personal way, whether that be face to face, flyers or more.

Cons of Traditional Marketing;

Expensive – Compared to digital, traditional marketing is expensive. This is because, with such things as print, if you want to get it in front of a lot of people you will have to pay for each print.

Hard to Track – With traditional marketing, you are unable to track different aspects of the campaign, such as conversions, interest, area of interest and demographics, which can be done with digital.

Forced Marketing – This type of marketing is mainly forced as it targets everyone and not an exact audience but is also forced as it becomes a part of a person’s everyday life, and if it’s not something of interest to that person, it can cause a low response rate.

Timeliness – With traditional methods of publication it can take a long time for your marketing piece to be completed, whether it be radio, print or TV. Meaning, if something needed doing fast you have probably missed your chance to do it.

Digital Vs Traditional

Both of these marketing channels can be effective to a business if implemented in the correct manner. These channels don’t always have to be stand alone as well, there are businesses that find it effective to use both digital and traditional marketing channels.

However, looking at which channel would be most effective in this day and age, it is evident to see that the digital marketing channel is a clear front runner as technology advances and becomes more of a staple in everyday lives, bringing digital marketing further and further into fruition.

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Fraser Kerns

Fraser joined the Bright Design team as an SEO Executive. He’s responsible for identifying and implementing different strategies, techniques and tactics to achieve and exceed our client-partner’s objectives. Whether it be to increase traffic, lead generation or conversions, Fraser plays an important role in the marketing and delivery team.

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