Weekly Industry News Round-Up Edition 34

Are you ready for another Tuesday News Day? Keep up with all the latest SEO, digital marketing, internet and social media news. Before reading this week’s roundup, have you read edition 33?

Lords need tougher guidelines for all technology firms

A House of Lord’s report says big tech firms such as Google and Facebook, must recover their “insufficient” responses to confidentiality and data breaches and anti-social content. The House of Lords Communications Group wants a digital authority to help laws keep up to pace with technology.  As a spokesman from the lobby group said, “our associates work very hard to recall their services free of some of the most serious matters that the statement references- from durable terms and conditions to invest in hiring teams and upgrading systems for getting rid of unsuitable content.” Want to carry on reading? Click here.

The government says the bill will reduce Russia’s reliance on foreign internet servers

A massive gathering in Moscow and similar protests in the other two cities were called after parliament supported the controversial bill last month. The government stated the bill, which allows it to separate Russia’s internet service from the rest of the world, will improve cyber-security.

Activists say more than 15,000 people gathered in Moscow on Sunday, which is double the estimate given by the police, some of these many protesters were chanting and shouting “hands off the internet” and “no to isolation” while other protestors gave speeches on a large stage. Click here to read more.


Facebook: What’s in Mark Zuckerberg’s privacy plan?

Mark Zuckerberg wants Facebook to be a “privacy-focussed” social network. Facebook’s critics have chuckled at the proposal. Up until now, Facebook has been encouraging people to share and post more, in turn, this is gathering loads of personal information and using it to pull in advertising cash. The main question everyone is asking is will it really change when it makes so much money from us over-sharing? Want to read more, click here.

Facebook takes down tons of fake accounts used to spread hatred in the UK

It has been reported that Facebook has blocked and deleted more than 100 accounts and pages for what it describes as “co-ordinated inauthentic behaviour.” The Head of Facebook’s cybersecurity said 137 accounts on Facebook and Facebook-owned Instagrams were removed. He then later added that “the people behind these accounts signified themselves as far-right activists, regularly transformed page and group names, and functioned fake accounts to involve in hate speech and spread troublesome comments on both sides of the political debate in the UK” Click here, to read more.


In a recent statement, 51% of website hacks related to SEO junk

A report that was recently released by Sucuri states that over half of sites hacked in 2018 were completed for SEO purposes. The hacks targeted websites in order to try to see how well the site’s SEO work is going and how its owners are boosting its positions on Google or another search engine. Want to read more on this? Check out the article here.

Google gets more than one billion health questions each day

Google wants to try and rein in the billions of health-related questions people ask Google every day to provide healthcare advice, despite criticism that the search engine giant has played a role in spreading and planting false, dangerous information regarding medical advice and vaccinations.

Google Health manager David Feinberg informed that about 7 per cent of Google’s daily searches were health associated, an enormous equivalent to 70,000 each minute. Click here to have a read of the article.


Google image searches for shoppable Ads

Google is wanting to encourage visitors to shop through its search results and it is taking some inspiration from services like Instagram and Pinterest for this. Google has started trying out shoppable ads in photo searches. Therefore, if you’re looking for some new furniture ideas, you’ll be able to get those on Google images and then also purchase it by clicking on the shopping tag near the product. To find out how this works and to read more information, click here.

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