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Whether you are brand new to the digital marketing world, or a veteran with many years within the industry, it is essential that you understand the correct way to structure a website. This basic SEO guide will go through the layout of any website, how you can optimise the link equity throughout your website, and how you can direct topical authority towards the main pages of your website.

Why is your website structure important?

In order for your website to generate the most amount of engagement, traffic, enquiries, user experience or revenue it’s vital that your website is structured clearly. The way you order the website can impact conversions, enquiries and Search Engine Optimisation. Making sure that your website is structured correctly is one of the first steps towards making a website that will perform well and generate leads.

A vital part your website structure for SEO purposes, is to distribute the power that each page contains and direct the power towards a relevant landing page. This then means that the landing page should improve the Google ranking of your website – this process is designed to convert organic traffic into paying customers.

SEO Website Structure

website development schema

Home page

The home page is a vital page for any website. Not only does this page tend to hold the majority of power and authority compared to any other page, but the home page will also (usually) have more backlinks directed towards it than any other web page. This makes the home page a vital asset for any SEO or online marketer to make the absolute most out of.

The trick with the home page is to distribute the power that this page holds to each of the landing pages on your website. We often see this distribution in the form of links using exact match keyword anchor text, whether it be main navigation links or additional contextual links.

Landing page/category page

The landing pages on your website are designed to provide information regarding certain products or services that your business provides. Because each of these pages target a specific product/service, we want to rank these pages for chosen keywords that relate to the product/service. We do this by distributing power from relevant pages towards the landing pages using a variety of exact match keyword links or relevant keyword anchor text.

Product page

Since these pages are designed to sell each individual product, it means that these pages will have “high intent to buy”. So instead of trying to rank these pages we would want to design them to convert traffic into customers.

Website SEO

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Blogs/news page

A vital strategy for a large number of websites looking to rank is creating blogs that target topics that are relevant to the business/website. The point of this is to create pieces that build power and target chosen keywords that build topical authority. These blogs will then use either exact match keywords or a relevant keyword as anchor text that links directly towards a topically relevant landing page. When implementing this strategy you are using the blogs as supporting pages to help boost topical authority and power to the landing pages you want to rank for – whatever your chosen keyword.

Using this blog as an example, you can see that I have built a blog surrounding website structure and how it can affect SEO. This means that I can use a variety of keywords relevant to both website structure and Search Engine Optimisation, therefore building topical authority. This blog links towards the Bright Design SEO page and the Bright Design White Label SEO Page which discusses the service that we provide and is designed to lead readers to enquire about our services.

Contact us page

The main purpose of a website for businesses is to market their products/services and generate enquiries and leads from users who land on their website. This makes the Contact Us page a vital asset for any website. This means that you’ll want to include a link to the contact page on blog pages (as you will see below), landing pages and product pages.

If you found this information useful and wish to learn about more SEO tips or digital marketing industry news, then check out our blog. Or if you are looking for a digital marketing agency to handle your online marketing then feel free to contact us.

Fraser Kerns

Fraser joined the Bright Design team as an SEO Executive. He’s responsible for identifying and implementing different strategies, techniques and tactics to achieve and exceed our client-partner’s objectives. Whether it be to increase traffic, lead generation or conversions, Fraser plays an important role in the marketing and delivery team.

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