Weekly Industry News Round-Up

Referral traffic

A new report has come out and shown companies and websites that they receive more referral traffic (traffic from one site to another) from Google than Facebook. We have to admit that this news doesn’t surprise us.

The report was conducted from over 8 billion page views across 1 million articles and notes that Google has overtaken Facebook as the top external referrer to websites on the internet. This is due to the social media platforms new update that rolled in earlier this year.

Click here to learn more – https://indivigital.com/news/new-study-google-contributes-significantly-more-referral-traffic-than-facebook-across-most-website-categories/


Google Sans

Google has now started to incorporate their own dedicated font for all their Google-branded products and services. Their new font is an adaptation of their iconic Product Sans font; however, Google Sans has been developed to adjust to any size. This makes optimizing from desktop computer screens to billboards and to smartphone screens much simpler and cleaner.

This material theme that Google is pushing just shows us that Google is dedicated to showing the world that they are always looking to stay one step ahead of all other search engines. The updated font may seem to provide more white space within SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) but offers the service a sleek modern feel, which is what is needed within this digital age.

Also, it isn’t just the search engine that Google has updated with the material theme. This theme has been applied to many of Google’s branded service. Services such as Gmail, Google Pay, Google Drive, Google News and Google Express.

To learn more click here – https://9to5google.com/2018/06/13/google-is-now-a-b-testing-its-new-google-sans-font-in-search-results/


Automated Facial Recognition Legal Battles Ahead

As it has been reported on over the past few months that the Metropolitan Police intend to push further with their facial recognition cameras. This has created issues with civil liberties groups such as Big Brother Watch and Baroness Jenny Jones, as they ask the police and the Met to ditch their new facial recognition camera scheme.

The groups fighting against the use of the facial recognition cameras have claimed that the technology is “dangerously authoritarian”. This is the first of many different legal battles that will arise from the use of the facial recognition cameras.

This isn’t the first controversial story to come from the Police and Metropolitan’s use of the facial recognition cameras. As last year, Sky News revealed that the controversial cameras had resulted in 35 false matches and an “erroneous arrest”. Simple to say that the future of facial recognition cameras is looking slim.

Read more about this topic here – https://news.sky.com/story/facial-recognition-technology-could-see-home-office-and-met-police-face-legal-action-11404115


Apple’s Police block

For a while, it has been known that the police can break through any phone to find necessary information and evidence. Apple has come out and stated that they are looking into new ways in which they can program their phones to stop the police and intelligence agencies from breaking into their phones.

Apple has said that the default settings in the iPhone will change so that the system will cut off all communication through the charging port. This will happen when the iPhone has been inactive for an hour. This ensures that after an hour of inactivity, the technique to break open the phone will no longer work.

To learn more about how Apple is planning to stop the Police and Met from breaking into their phones here – https://news.sky.com/story/apple-to-block-popular-police-method-for-breaking-into-iphones-11404141


Login with Snapchat

We have all come across the option to login using our Facebook profiles, this feature makes logging into several different websites much easier as it requires you to remember fewer passwords. Well, since the rise of the platform giant Snapchat, companies and websites are quickly turning to a Snapchat login system that will work the same as the Facebook system. This means that users now have a variety of login options

The login service allows the companies behind the internet giants gather user’s data from third-party apps, this then grants additional security for those who need it and also offers convenience as you won’t have to register an additional account.

To learn more about how this feature can help you, click here – https://news.sky.com/story/apple-to-block-popular-police-method-for-breaking-into-iphones-11404141


Google’s Diversity Figures

A report has been published providing information about the diversity of Google’s employees. The report documents the percentage of all employees and compares the difference from the report documented in 2014.

The report shows that the company has made an effort to increase diversity within its ranks and in general. Although some figures show promise for Google’s employee diversity, other figures show that the internet giant still has room for improvement.

To learn more about how diverse are Google’s employees, click here – https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-44496076


ICANN Data Collection

ICANN has claimed that EPAG (domain registrar) is allowed to continue to collect data as long as it remains within its contractual obligations whilst remaining within GDPR and the principle of data minimization.

The internet domain overseer has appealed the decision made by one of the German Courts last month. The decision was regarding whether information and data should be collected on domain registrants.

ICANN argues that the court ruled that EPAG was required to only collect data on the domain holder. However, it did not state that collecting technical and administrative contact data contravened the GDPR.

If you own a domain and wonder what this case could mean for you, click here to learn more – https://indivigital.com/news/icann-launches-appeal-over-german-court-decision-to-minimize-whois-data-collection/


Major Chrome Extension Update

The way in which we use and adopt Google Chrome for our own use is about to change for the worse. Google has announced that they will be moving their extensions marketplace out of the online browser and onto their Chrome Web Store (The App not the browser).

Before this update, users were able to download the Chrome extensions straight from the browser or websites, which was simple and convenient for Chrome users. This (as Google calls it) inline installation was just one of many ways Chrome managed to make the user experience as simple as possible.

The update to move all browser extensions will come in on the 12th September, with Google planning on completely removing the inline installation process later in December this year. Although this now means that users have to deal with additional steps in order to download their browser extensions, Google has said that the new system put in place will be more secure for its users.

To understand what this update means for you read this article for an in-depth look – https://indivigital.com/news/icann-launches-appeal-over-german-court-decision-to-minimize-whois-data-collection/

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