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Monetising on our medical data


There are growing concerns about one of Google’s parent company Alphabet’s other subsidiary companies, DeepMind, as some believe that the medical data they collect may be used to push advertisements in the future.

Sky News has recently unveiled the results of an investigation into the relationship between DeepMind (an artificial intelligence company) and the NHS. The investigation revealed that DeepMind has access to over 1.6 million patients’ data. They also highlighted that the data guardian for the NHS has previously warned that the company received the patient data on an “inappropriate legal basis”.

Many think that DeepMind is using a low-cost approach to draw the NHS in at the moment, to then monetise heavily on the data collected from patients who rely on the NHS.

The data held by DeepMind could be sold to marketers that are trying to push medical products towards their specific niche. Or hopefully, the data held by DeepMind could go towards improving our healthcare. Soon enough we will learn what DeepMind intend to do with the NHS patient data.

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Domain Hijacking

The physical and online world of crime is becoming more connected every day as a new report shows us that a man has been given a jail sentence for 20 years for attempting to steal a domain name. The man responsible for the hijacking is Sherman Hopkins Jr, who decided to break into Ethan Deyo’s home and then threaten him at gunpoint. The website that was hosted on the domain was previously taken down a month prior to the attack. Hopkins terrorised and assaulted Deyo whilst demanding that Deyo transfer the domain over to Hopkins. The incident ended with Deyo being tased, pistol whipped and shot in the leg and Hopkins being shot in the chest before the police arrived at the scene.

Obviously, this incident is tragic, and we wish the owner of DoItForState.com the best. This offence should and hopefully will be the last of it’s kind. However, as the digital world grows and becomes more serious than ever, stories of new and unheard of types of Internet-related crime will become more common.

To learn more about this case, follow this link.


Local Google

If you travel quite often then you may have noticed that your Google search results differ when in another country. Missed Google announcing this? Don’t worry, many people did too. Late last year Google announced that they had updated the way their search engine labelled country services.

They updated how the country is selected in the search engine. By this, I mean that instead of the country of service being selected by the domain, it will now be set by default. This means that people can’t manipulate the search engine like they used to reach a larger audience.

What this means for you is that if you search for services whilst in the UK, you will see all the UK services first. If you searched the same thing in Google whilst in France, all the French services would display first in your search results page.

To learn about this in more detail, follow this link.



The joint online news advertising service

On Thursday 21st June, the newspaper giants announced their joint business that will provide a new platform in which advertisers can now market. The joint venture is a product of The Telegraph, Guardian News & Media and News UK. The project has been called The Ozone Project with plans for to officially launch in autumn this year.

This project couldn’t come at a better time for digital marketers, as this opportunity offers marketers a new platform to expand and grow their marketing campaigns. The platform will offer an already existing audience of 39.4 million people.

We here at Bright Design are excited to see how effective this new platform will become and intend on experimenting to see how far we can push our marketing campaigns. With this new platform being backed by The Telegraph, Guardian News & Media and by News UK, we expect to see a lot of competition from marketers.

For a more in-depth look, check out this article.


Google PageSpeed Insights

Google has released their very own tool to help developers and anyone who owns a website to check the page speed of their site. It is commonly known that Google takes page speed into consideration when ranking sites. Page speed has an effect on more than just your rankings, a slow page speed relates to a high bounce rate. Because no one is going to stand for the dial-up internet speed anymore.

To check your website page speed all you have to do is search this through your URL search box, just replace the domain with your site. origin:https://www.domain.com

Or you could search for your URL within the Google PageSpeed Insights.

We think that tools like this developed by Google are just one of the many reasons why Google remains at the very top of search engines. This new tool grants developers and SEOs another tool to make sure that their sites are performing as they should be.

To learn more about Google PageSpeed Insights then click this link.



One Billion Instagrammers

Not a year has gone by since Instagram announced that they had reached over 800 million active Instagram accounts. And since then Instagram has reached 1 billion active users of their social media platform.

With the rapid growth of Instagram (which shows no sign of slowing down) and other Facebook-owned social apps on the market, it really shows the importance of social media marketing and the power that gathering a large audience on platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook can have.

Soon enough people are going to see Instagram as more than a place to post pictures of your dog (don’t stop the dog pictures!) and marketers are really going to push their social media marketing much more.

To learn more about Instagram’s growth, click this link.

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