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Google Snippets

The Google algorithm is constantly changing and updating; these updates can alter how certain functions of Google work and how they might benefit or harm the growth of your website. Over the past updates, Google has introduced Google Snippets, which crawls websites for the featured keyword that a user searches, then provides the information from the website to provide an answer to the queries searched within Google search engine. The Google Snippet not only displays the information but also provides a link to the page on which Google gathered the information.

However, a study from Stone Temple Consulting revealed how volatile featured snippets are right now. The study also revealed which websites tend to get the most featured snippets. The study showed that out of the 4,999 queries searched, that 4,490 of them had featured snippets.

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Voice Search Optimisation

As voice search is becoming more accurate as the updates continue, the question in the world of SEO becomes, which Chief Marketing Officer’s (CMO) are putting their SEO resources into voice search optimisation.

A recent study has shown that only 3% have tailored their SEO resources towards voice search optimisation so far. With 75% of larger companies saying that adopting voice search optimisation is included in their future marketing plans, many say that the inclusion of voice search optimisation will be implemented within a year.

Back in 2016, Google announced that 20% of all mobile searches were made via their voice search function. Today, however, with the rise of much voice-operated technology and voice recognition technologies becoming even more advanced. We expect the percentage of voice search to become a major factor for many (including ourselves) digital marketing agencies to start to focus more resources, time and effort into optimising for voice search results. The rise in voice command and search is giving marketers a brand-new platform in which to dominate and compete for.

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Voice search

Google AdWords is No More

A rebranding can be a positive thing for many companies and can generate interest that may have been lost over time. However, when a brand as large as Google decides to rebrand a longstanding, essential aspect of their business most of us have to ask why?

Like the title suggested, Google AdWords is no more and has decided to drop their name. They have now simply named their business as Google Ads. The long-lived Google AdWords has been a staple of the internet for nearly two-generations, Google AdWords has been the pillar in which marketers and businessmen and women have used to order to compete for dominance within the Google search engine.

But why the change? Well, the model that Google ads are taking is designed to help smaller businesses and others with less a smaller marketing budget to make getting started with online advertising much easier.

Google has said that the change has been made as Google feels like the multi-tiered adtech offerings were too confusing. We are hoping that the new Google Ads is the streamlined service that allows online marketing to become a place simple enough to help people get involved with digital marketing but offers experts new ways in which to master the tools Google provides us.

To see more reasons for the change, click here.



Last week TicketMaster has stated that there was a beach within its system which leads to 40,000 customers personal information and credit card details being stolen.

Ticketmaster for a very long time has been the “go-to” online store to source tickets to upcoming events and gigs. However, since the breach announced last week, people may be a bit hesitant to out their personal and bank details into Ticketmaster’s website.

Ticketmaster claims that they were hit with “malicious software” via a third-party supplier for Ticketmaster. The software then got hold of 40,000 customers personal details and credit card information. Since the breach, the company has contacted less than 5% of its customers telling them to change their passwords on their platform.

We believe that Ticketmaster is going to become the first company to be hit by the GDPR law. Since Ticketmaster is a large online ticket dealership, it would be interesting to see if they do get hit by a fine and how much the fine would total.

Learn how to protect your details here.


Remarketing in Google paid search management

A recent result is showing that the best way to market online is through remarketing. For people unfamiliar to the remarketing function from Google, Google introduced their remarketing tool back in 2012 which allowed advertisers to target search their campaigns based upon their past customer engagement. The remarketing function provided advertisers with many different ways to modify their previous marketing campaigns for their current or future marketing campaign. Remarketing allowed for businesses to adjust bids, copy ads and landing pages and even allowed advertisers to exclude certain groups of searches.

Over the past few years, the reach that remarketing to audiences has grown with every Google update. The reach has grown so much that advertisers really cannot ignore the importance of remarketing; And thanks to the extended membership for remarketing, digital marketers are seeing that remarketing is becoming the best way to generate traffic to your site.

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The Facebook Drone

It has been known now for 2 years that Facebook intends on implementing a flying, solar-powered drone to provide internet to remote areas of the world. The drone would be in continuous flight for 3 months at a time. The whole project was called Project Aquila.

Project Aquila was short-lived, however, as the team and company behind the project had decided to leave just 2 years in the project.

But worry not! If you were looking forward to the idea of a drone flying above providing free internet for you and many others, then there is a solution coming (hopefully!).

Google has their own project called the Google Loon, which unlike Facebook’s Aquila project, uses a high-altitude balloon in order to achieve a similar connectivity to the surrounding areas. So far, Google has made more progress than Facebooks in their mission for online connectivity. At Bright Design, we see many benefits to Google Loon Compared to Facebook Aquila, as Google Loon will allow you to connect to the whole internet and not just Facebook, plus with the recent history of Facebook, we believe that your personal data will be safer with Google.

To learn more about Google Loon and Facebook Aquila here.

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Player 1: Google

Now when it comes to the technology and the world of the internet, Google is supreme. The internet giant is responsible for the largest search engine on the internet, marketing platforms own the largest video streaming platform on the internet and many other impressive things.

However, Google has never been a thing for gaming. The niche for gaming has always seemed to be conquered by the three gaming giants; Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony. The three have paved the way for the modern gaming era.

Google has announced their three-part plan for their new gaming venture. Firstly, Google is planning to create a streaming platform for users to download games online. Secondly, Google is then planning to develop their own hardware. Finally, Google will then employ game developers to develop their own dedicated IP’s for their hardware and streaming system.

Many of speculated for years that streaming games to players will be the future of gaming, and with Google’s interest in the gaming market, the reality of streaming may come sooner rather than later. We think that the concept Google is pitching could come with many benefits for gamers around the globe, as Google could market their brand-new gaming platform at lower rates compared to their competitors, and who doesn’t like games at cheaper rates? We think if Google decides to push their gaming platform, then they could contend with the already proven gaming platforms (PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo and PC)

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Video Game

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