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Samsung Photo Share

Many Samsung phone users are going to have to check what images they store on their phones as many believe that the new Samsung update is responsible for the picture dump. Samsung users have reported that their mobile phones are leaking all the images stored on the mobile device to their messaging app. This is leading to many contacts within the phone to receive a massive number of images from unsuspecting Samsung users.

The latest controversy from Samsung has led many users of Reddit and other forums to joke about the potential issues that this could lead to for users. Whether an inappropriate picture may be sent to the wrong person (such as boss or parents).


Facebook Data Access

Facebook continues to make headlines with their decisions to use and sell user data. Since 2014 Facebook claimed that sharing their user data had finally stopped. Recently, however, it has emerged that Facebook had lied to the public; as Facebook continued to sell their users data to 61 other companies.

Back in 2013, Facebook had introduced stricter rules and guidelines for 3rd party apps to access user data. However, 61 other companies (such as Oracle, Nisan, Snap and Panasonic) were given extensions to these new guidelines of at least 6 months.

This recent news, along with the data breach with Cambridge Analytica really doesn’t shine Facebook in the best light. It seems that Facebook has gone from controversy to controversy this year with no clear sign of when the Facebook or Mark Zuckerberg controversy will end.

We stress to everyone, only upload or share to Facebook what you want everyone to see. And don’t upload what you wish to keep private or to yourself. As it seems that Facebook wishes to profit from everything you upload.

Mark Zuckerberg Facebook

Copyright Freedom

As of recent news, the European Union (EU) have called for a brand-new copyright law which would have restricted the use of music, images and other forms of media. The new law was proposed in the response of artists and creators complaining about lack of revenue for their creations.

Although the law would provide creators more control over their creations, the vast majority of the internet deemed that the new copyright law would carry many negative implications with it. News sites, video platforms, even that meme page that you liked on Facebook would all suffer greatly from the copyright law.

Well, since the new law was voted against by MEPs, many parts of the internet took a massive sigh of relief, as the decision kept the freedom of the internet intact. However, the censorship campaign which was pitched can be re-appealed by September, but by the reaction across the internet and news in general shows that internet censorship may still be a long way off from reality.


Data Giants

We have all heard about the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica data breach, but have you ever wondered about what the tech giants are using your data for?

Many of the internet giants (if not all) collect and use your data. Companies such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple and many others all collect and use your data for their own advantages. But what data is collected, and by who?

Well, to begin with, your location. Yes, we have all had the annoying pop-up asking permission for Google or other apps to track your location through your phone. Even if you don’t allow the location tracking permission to track your precise location, many of the tech giants keep track of your location anyway. This could be through IP addresses (if you connect to any public Wi-Fi), check in’s or from events.

Well maybe your data is being collected by a select few big tech giants, but only these companies have access to this data, right? Wrong! The data collected by the internet giants is shared with their affiliates. For instance, LinkedIn gains its data user from Microsoft.

Okay, so my location is tracked even if I don’t want it to be tracked. Companies are sharing my data with each other. What else? Well along with everything Facebook has been in the news for we are surprised this isn’t another controversy. Facebook actually saves your searches. Even if you go and delete your search history, Facebook stores your history for another 6 months; although your search history may look empty, it is still saved on Facebook’s end and not yours.

To learn more about your data being stored with the tech giants, we recommend you read this.


BBC iPlayer Crash

Now with the World Cup still going on, we can’t help but report on the latest with the football. The 2-0 win against Sweden was a glorious victory. However, the very end of the game was spoiled for many with BBC iPlayer deciding to crash within the last few minutes of the game.

This lead to lots of angry fans missing out on the final minutes of the first quarter-final World Cup game England has won since 1990. Something that many fans have not seen in their lifetime. However, this isn’t the only issue with the BBC iPlayer, as the streaming service then crashed once again for the Kyle Edmund vs. Novak Djokovic.

BBC iPlayer


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