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Machine learning ad formats

Google’s vice president, Jerry Dischler has announced in a blog post about Google’s new plans to incorporate their machine learning into a plethora of new product updates. An example of this would be YouTube’s tools which can be used to better understand and measure KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). The new machine learning update will also provide online advertisers with a better way in which to optimise their search campaigns.

The blog post (in which the announcement was made) revealed that Google plans to make machine learning a vital part of their continued progression and to help advertisers keep up to date with how consumers are interacting on the internet.

We believe that if Google’s machine learning updates are as successful as Google says they will be, then we can see SEO’s around the world using the KPIs to positively impact their search campaigns. We believe that there is plenty of potential in machine learning and know that it can be the key to optimising future search campaigns!


The Facebook Fine

The Facebook and Cambridge Analytica controversy has been well documented by various news outlets on the internet. And many questions have been answered by these outlets. But finally, the question that everyone has been asking has been answered. How much will they be fined? Well, wait no longer as the report shows us that Facebook has been fined £500,000 ($663,000).

Facebook was hit with the maximum penalty allowed under the protection act 1998. But you might be wondering, what about GDPR? Surely Facebook should be hit with either £20 Million or 4% of their yearly turnover? The reason why the fine was restricted to only £500,000 is due to the fact that the scandal took place before the EU had put their data protection laws in force. This then resulted in Facebook receiving the maximum fine from a law set 20 years prior to GDPR.

We believe that the fine will not affect them in the slightest, as the company alone is worth £445 Billion ($590 Billion). Due to the scale of the data breach (which was roughly 50 million Facebook users across the world). We think that the most Facebook is going to be hit with is the loss of trust from some Facebook users and the memes made from Mark Zuckerberg’s appearance in Congress!



UK Independent Internet Regulations

Currently, we have lived in the ‘Wild West’ era of the internet, with a lack of laws and penalties to result from data breaches, social media bullying and harassment and many more issues emerging from the internet.

The latest in data breaches and other issues has to lead to people calling Westminster for new laws in order to regulate the internet.

What seems to be surprising is that no representative from the likes of Google or Facebook were there to discuss the future regulation. Even when evidence that YouTube has been deleting potential evidence of war crimes and Facebook flagging the US Declaration of Independence as hate speech. No comment has been made from these internet giants.


YouTube Blackout

The England vs Croatia game is still deeply ingrained in our heads. Many England fans were diss-heartened to see us knocked out of the running for the World Cup. The outrage was given towards the BBC for iPlayer crashing only moments before the end of the game. However, BBC iPlayer was not alone. Across the pond in America, YouTube TV crashed halfway through the match. Many viewers were obviously upset which resulted in a number of tweets directed towards YouTube TV.

It is bad enough to have your network or service crash whilst people are watching, but it is even worse when your network crashes in the midst of an extremely important and popular game.

This, however, isn’t the first time the service has crashed, as YouTube TV had a crash back in May during an NBA (National Basketball Association) match.

For viewers of the subscription-based service have to pay £30 ($40) to use YouTube TV. From where we are looking, it doesn’t seem worth it. We think that the crashes at peak times will start to have an impact on the future of the service. And the crashes on both England vs. Croatia and the NBA match back in May will cause a negative reputation for YouTube and their service.


Fake Facebook News

After months of telling the public that Facebook will be removing the fake news that has been spread across their social media platform; Facebook has announced that they are no longer removing fake news articles from their website. Instead what they plan to do is demote any fake news articles.

Facebook has come out and said that the spreading of fake news on their social media platform does not violate their community standards. Prior to this announcement, publishers have stated that the removal of these fabricated posts would be “contrary to the basic principles of free speech”.

Here at Bright Design, we think that this system put in place by Facebook is a half measure. The system was designed to attempt to please both sides of the argument. We can understand both sides of the argument but believe that after months of public announcements about the removal of fake news, it is surprising to see Facebook go back on their word.

Fake News

People Also Search For…

The Google Search Engine never seems to slow down with updates, as Google has now added a new feature to the search engine. You may notice that there is a new box near the top of the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs for short) which is titled as ‘People also search for’ with a number of different search queries related to the query you have already searched.

Google had already announced this feature to come along with their search ads all the way back in 2017.

Now, this feature won’t trigger for every search. The feature has been designed to trigger when a user has selected an ad on the SERPs, then click the return button to go back to the SERPs, this will then trigger the new ‘People also search for’ feature to appear under the advert that was originally clicked. This featured has been designed so that the user can find the relevant information that their search may not have found at first, on top of this, the user is more inclined to continue clicking through Google.

The new feature to the Google Search Engine grants advertisers to look at different ways in which they can compete for long-tail keywords within the search engine. This feature can pinpoint which phrases and searches are the best to compete for.

The Twitter Purge

The social media giant Twitter is known for many celebrities and influential people to have a wide audience of millions upon millions of followers receiving everything that they post on social media. However, for a long time, it has been known that many twitter accounts are considered ‘dead’ or ‘locked’.

The social media giant has announced that they are making moves to remove these locked and dead accounts from their platform, this they say will result in a loss of 4 or more followers from nearly everyone’s accounts. Obviously, the more followers you have on twitter and the bigger audience you have will result in a larger drop in followers.

For the world of SEO though, this can actually have a positive effect. As twitter accounts grow and become more and more popular, the increase of dead or locked accounts tends to follow. By purging these accounts from twitters platform, it gives us a more accurate idea of the ‘real’ followers. The followers that we can actually engage with. And the followers that we can use to, therefore, grow our social media account to reach even more followers.


The Follower Purge

With this recent purge of dead and locked twitter followers, we all knew that certain people will be more affected than others. Mainly the celebrities of the world. But who has been hit the worst from this update to the social media platform?

Katy Perry –

Who else but the Queen of Twitter herself, Katy Perry. Ok we admit, this is no surprise as she holds the title of the largest follower count on Twitter at over 110 million followers. Well, she had 110 million, but thanks to the recent update she has dropped a massive 3 million followers!

Lady Gaga –

The American Singer/Songwriter has had more than a fair amount of #1’s and plenty of hit songs under her belt. She also has a quite impressive 76.5 million followers on Twitter. This, however, has dropped by 2 million followers since the update leaving her with 74.5 million followers!

Justin Bieber –

The Canadian pop star had held roughly 104 million followers (also known as beliebers) has reportedly lost around three million beliebers due to the update. This leaves him with only 101 million beliebers lefts!


Katy Perry

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