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Censored Google Search Engine

In order to gain access to a potential 1.379 billion new Google Search Engine users, Google is planning to launch a new version of their famous search engine. This version of the search engine, however, will be censored for the Chinese public.

The report shows us that Google will blacklist certain search terms and websites that content include subjects such as religion, democracy, human rights and peaceful protests. This decision to censor topics like this is a clear move to please the Chinese government so that Google can access China’s ever-growing population.

This decision from Google shows us that Google is willing to go back on their values that they stated back in 2010 when they disagreed and refused the Chinese government’s censorship terms, which was brought about after a hack. It is a shame to see that Google will make the move to support the censorship of the Chinese public and potential propaganda the Chinese government can spread on Google’s new censored search engine. But from a business perspective, we can understand the potential that 1.379 new users can bring for Google and their growth as a company and brand.


Facebook and Instagram’s Ticking Timer

This generation will be remembered for the birth and growth of the digital age, and many have criticised the influence that social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have. Many people believe that countless hours have been lost to the social media giants.

But in a recent development, Facebook and their subsidiary Instagram have now added a feature to their websites and apps that records the amount of time users spend on their platforms. Facebook has stated that “We have a responsibility to help people understand how much time they spend on our platforms” they then state that the feature has been added to show people not only the time they spend on social media but also show them how they spend that time on social media. It seems that the feature has been added in response to reports about the impact and damage social media can have on users’ mental health and well-being.

We think that the newly added feature will open people’s eyes to how much they actually spend on Facebook and Instagram. The feature can also help parents who wish to control the amount of activity their children spend online and on social media.


Mobile Addiction

No one can argue, in this day and age, mobile phones are almost essential for daily living. We rely on our phones for communication, to capture memories and to access an almost limitless amount of information on the internet. With the increase of utility and complexity of mobile phones comes with their increase in demand and use.

To almost everyone, it is no shock that we use our mobile phones more and more, but many are shocked at how much we use them. A recent Ofcom report has been published that reveals that 20% of people spend roughly about 40 hours a week online. The rise of the smartphone has also contributed to the fall of the phone call as many people would now prefer to simply message than talk directly to another person. Other shocking stats have also been released, such as the typical smartphone user will constantly check their mobile phone every 12 minutes and that only 75% of mobile phone users think that using their mobile phones are important for making phone calls. While a staggering 92% of people believe that their mobile phone is primarily for browsing the internet.

We have noticed the rise of the mobile phone and how it has impacted us in our work. As competition for smartphones increases and the complexity of the functions increase, the importance of smartphones will only continue to rise which will result in more and more time people spend using their phones.

mobile phone addiction


Apple has broken records, becoming the first ever US-listed company to reach the value of $1 Trillion. The company that originally started in a garage, run by only two men – Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in 1976 – has grown and conquered their competition over the past 42 years. The history of Apple is truly the American ‘rags to riches’ story.

Since Tuesday 31st July, the company’s stock price has risen by 9% when Apple’s third-quarter earnings had exceeded Wall Street’s predictions. The stock price is not the only thing that has risen, but the prices for Apple shares has also increased by 2.8%, which will now make the value of a single share $207.05. This now means that Apple has surpassed their competition and has a value of $1 Trillion (£762 billion) in New York trading.

The smartphone revolution that Apple clearly started and dominated has shaped the way in which we live on a daily basis. Since the introduction of the iPhone back in 2007, Apple has capitalised on their success. We don’t think the major companies such as Alphabet, Amazon and Microsoft will be far behind joining Apple in their exclusive Trillion Dollar club.


Front Page Hack

Often described as the ‘front page of the internet’, Reddit is famous among internet users as the place to go for everything from worldwide news to short personal stories and everything in between.

However, Reddit’s reputation may be damaged after the online forum has confirmed that they have encountered a data breach in which users’ unique usernames and encrypted passwords were compromised. The online forum that holds over 234 million unique users revealed that two separate sets of data had been accessed by the hack, one set of data was from back in 2007 and the other set was from earlier this year.

The data breach back in 2007 included account details and all public and private posts from the creation of the online forum. The most recent hack, however, gained user details and access to data from June 3rd to June 17th.

As with any hack we fully advised users to go into their accounts and change their passwords to ensure that their private data and accounts are safe from unwanted users gaining access to their accounts.


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