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Alex Jones

Following the ban on YouTube, Infowars and Alex Jones could see a potential ban or censorship from the likes of Twitter. The social media mega-giant has been discussing the possibility of shutting down “extremist views” on their platform, which is centred around the internet celebrity Alex Jones.

Alex Jones – who is known for his outlandish theories (such as claiming chemicals in water could turn frogs homosexual), political views and comments on recent events – has received public backlash and ridicule but has also been targeted by YouTube with a ban of his YouTube channel.

Twitter’s co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey has released their reasoning for not banning Alex Jones and Infowars as none of Twitter’s rules had not been violated. Jack stated that Twitter will make sure Alex Jones abides by Twitter’s rules.

CNN has released their investigation of Alex Jones, which reveals that Infowars has tweeted links to videos that breaks Twitter’s rules. However, since these videos are posted on another platform, this means that none of the rules Twitter enforces is broken.

The issue of Alex Jones is a difficult one. One argument is that to censor him and Infowars would be a step back in the fight for freedom of speech. But by allowing such outlandish and (considered by many) disrespectful content to exist on social media platforms, they’re not only harming the online experience of many but also ruining the reputations of the platforms and bringing potential public backlash to the channels for supporting such content.

Google China Update

The news broke last week that Google had plans to release a new version of their search engine for the Chinese public. This new Google search engine would be censored from certain topics. For example, topics such as religion, democracy, human rights and peaceful protests would be censored from the search engine results. This would mean that the population of China would not be able to access information on these topics.

We discussed our views on this new version of Google’s search engine in our last Tuesday News Day blog. And it seems that a former Google China executive and others have decided to also express their opinions on the matter. The former Google executive has described the decision by Google as “stupid”. Lokman Tsui said that he couldn’t think of a scenario in which such a search engine didn’t violate human rights standards. Lokman Tsui expressed that he no longer will employ anyone with his former title as “head of free expression”.

As a business, it’s understandable that Google wants to expand into the Chinese market to increase their profits, but from a moral standpoint, it’s good to see executives standing up for what they believe in and voicing their opinions on Google’s compliance to censor information to the Chinese public.


Job Market Crisis

For many years the role of job searching agencies online has been dominated by sites such as Indeed, CV Library, Total Jobs and more. But with a new update to Google’s local searches, many experts are concerned that this could lead to the end of sites such as Indeed.

The new Google update allows users to search for “jobs near me”, which will display a new snippet underneath Google Ads results. This snippet will then display a range of jobs that are listed on popular sites. When opened, the snippet will display the job description, where the job is advertised/listed, the business, location and a link to the original job listing.

We see this new feature as somewhat a free advertisement for the job listing websites, as long as Google doesn’t decide to push this idea any further. We can see why experts have raised their concerns about this new feature. Because if Google decides to allow users to apply for the job positions through Google instead of the original listing website. That could lead to a decrease in job applications through sites such as Indeed, which could result in job listing websites becoming obsolete.

Link Building Checklist

All SEOs know that to appear strong in the Google search algorithm, your website must have links. The stronger and more powerful the link, the better. A lot of time is spent acquiring the best links possible for your website. There are many different ways in which you can receive a link from another website, but it is always best to try all different methods and find out which methods work for you.

Upcoming SEOs and even the well-experienced SEOs out there need a good checklist for building links for your websites.

Here are some simple link building tasks that you should achieve every month:

  • Guest post/blog
  • Reach through blog comment section
  • Competitor backlink analysis
  • Email
  • Brand mentioning
  • Reviews and testimonials
  • Affiliate links
  • Engagement (whether social media or other)
  • Content syndication

If you manage to complete these tasks on a monthly basis then your website should start to receive more links and power on the internet.


Smartphones, The Utility Device

Since the first smartphone was released back in 1992, our phones have only gotten more sophisticated and complex. The range of features we have managed to get out of our smartphones these days was unthinkable 26 years ago. But as technology continues to progress at the rapid rate that it does, our smartphones are making everyday items obsolete.

With the advancement made in mobile phone technology, we have successfully created apps and built-in features into the smartphone to render things such as flashlights, newspapers, maps, USBs, clocks, calendars, watches and even credit/debit cards useless as our smartphones can now complete the task that these items used to do.

Soon enough smartphones could be replacing many more things that we use on a daily basis. Who knows how far smartphones will advance in the next 26 years.

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