Weekly Industry News Round-Up – Edition 20

This week we catch up with the latest Facebook news, how Google employees are reacting to the latest sexual misconduct allegations, and more. 

By Matthew Gillin

Hacked Facebook messages

In the past week it has come to light that 81,000 Facebook users have had their private messages published . The leading theory behind the data breach is that the hackers had managed to access the users’ Facebook accounts through malicious browser extensions.

Facebook has stated that their security has not been compromised by hackers, and has since taken action to ensure that further accounts will not be affected.

The BBC believes that the majority of the accounts affected by this hack are located in Ukraine and Russia, however as we always stress here at Bright Design, always be careful with what you install onto your browser. Ensure that what you do download and install is from a credible company and be mindful of any dangers you might encounter on the internet.

Just today a company who works with event stand hire who are very active on their social platforms contacted us to see if they might be affected. It’s likely that they haven’t, and neither have you, but you should remain vigilant.

Cat using Facebook Messenger

The Digital Service Tax – who will pay?

One surprising story this week was the introduction of the Digital Service Tax. This tax was introduced by the Treasury in order to make the tech giants (that earn a vast amount of revenue) pay their share of tax like every other tech company in the UK.

Before smaller tech firms and start-up companies start to panic, this tax is specifically designed to target the large tech companies. The firms that will have to pay this tax must meet certain criteria.

The tax will be applied to companies that have a global revenue of £500m and must be profitable. For these companies, the first £25m of UK revenue will be tax-free. This means that companies such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon and roughly 26 other companies will be affected by this tax.

Money tax

Google’s treatment of women #GoogleWalkOut

Google have found themselves in the midst of controversy this week due to the way in which Google employees feel that sexual misconduct allegations are dealt with by the tech giant.

Due to their handling of these allegations, many Google employees and members of the public joined together to march out of Google offices located around the world. A Twitter feed quickly began to document the movement against Google.

If you would like to see this feed, follow @googlewalkout on Twitter.

Due to the protests in Google international offices, the chief executive of Google, Sundar Pichai announced that he supports their right to protest. He later sent an all-staff email in which he expressed his opinion on the issue and admitted to the issue being an ongoing problem within the company.

This protest is one we can definitely get behind, not just for the message and cause of the protest but in the way that the protesters conducted themselves throughout nothing was damaged or broken and the whole protest was extremely civilised

Amazon leading the voice search popularity contest

As you may know, voice search is the future it’s something that SEOs and web developers alike are adjusting to. However, although it’s a new technology and no one fully understands how to use it to its full SEO potential yet, we do have a few voice search tactics that we can use to our advantage. Plus it’s now so easy and inexpensive to integrate voice search into your home, just pick up an Amazon Alexa, Google Home Hub or an Apple HomePod.

Amazon Alexa

So why do we bring this up?

It appears that Apple is falling behind the competition in terms of voice search and home automation, which unless they make some changes that could spell the end of Siri being the go-to voice search engine. But, as we all know Apple will never go down without a fight, and with such massive resources probably have a few tricks up their sleeves to pull ahead of the competition. This means it’s likely we have some exciting voice search innovations and technology advances to look forward to over the next couple of years as the tech giants continue to fight for market dominance.

If you have any questions about optimising for voice search, let us know!

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