Weekly Industry News Round-Up – Edition 22

How clueless is Mark Zuckerberg?

In the past week Mark Zuckerberg has been under scrutiny due to his apparent unawareness of current issues within Facebook. The report based on more than 50 interviews with Facebook insiders notes that he’s absent for a lot of the important decision-making which the company faces.

The report states that Zuckerberg’s lack of awareness of current issues within his company has led to major news breaking events to happen within the media. An example of this is the fake news scandal that has spread across the social media platform.

Alex Stamos, (now former) head of security at Facebook is said to be “alarmed” at his lack of awareness on the fake news issue, which Zuckerberg called a “crazy idea”. Alex Stamos was reportedly later scolded for investigating the issue that Zuckerberg decided to brush off.


Does Facebook employ dirty tactics?

A new lengthy investigation from the New York Times has started a debate as to whether Facebook’s tactics can be considered “dirty”. This debate originates from the report mentioned above, in which 50 Facebook insiders were interviewed regarding Mark Zuckerberg and how Facebook uses dirty tactics to smear their opposition.

The report shows that Mark Zuckerberg (as stated above) keeps himself and the important issues and decision making within Facebook very distant. The report also shows us that the Chief Operating Officer, Sheryl Sandberg was (and still possibly is) running an active campaign to push public anger and criticism towards rival companies and avoid damaging regulations. A number of dirty tactics have been published on the internet, here are just a few of them:
Discrediting anti-Facebook protestors by labelling them as anti-Semitic
Considered bringing rival companies into their controversies
Attempted to bury articles regarding the Russian interference in the US election


Can Disney really compete with Netflix?

You may have noticed that many companies are implementing the subscription model into their business plans. This seems to come off of the back of the incredibly successful Netflix streaming subscription model. Since Netflix has become a major part of how many of us watch TV and films, we have seen the likes of Amazon and YouTube implement this exact same subscription model.

Disney is now bringing their own streaming service to the masses. We saw the first sign of this service when Disney all of a sudden decided to put Netflix on notice and end distribution agreements. Meaning that for those who loved Netflix for old Disney classics, anything Marvel and anything Star Wars, you’ll soon have to consider signing up to an additional subscription service, or just going old school and buying the DVDs.



Snapchat’s new Friendship Profiles

Great news for avid Snapchat users, as the social image and messaging app will now allow users to access the records of relationships they have with their friends and other users. These records will include any images, messages, links, videos and more that you have saved in chat. This new feature will be part of a new Snapchat update available on IOS and Android.

Snapchat stated that their brand-new Friendship Profiles are designed to make finding certain messages, memories and files much easier, which will definitely help those who use Snapchat as their go-to social messaging app with their long history of messaging.

This new feature will now offer advertisers a new avenue to explore, as the new Friendship Profile will now provide a way for Snapchat to measure the popularity of particular topics and products.



Does the new EU plan mean the end of Google News?

In recent news, Google’s top news executive has stated that he isn’t ruling out the possibility of shutting down Google News in Europe. This follows the news of Brussels’ plans to charge a “link tax” for using the Google News stories.

Google’s search engine vice-president of news said that “it’s not desirable to shut down services” but it’s clear to see that the company is concerned about current and future proposals that are designed to compensate smaller news publishers when small snippets of their news articles appear in the search results.


WordPress GDPR plugin exploit

After the important introduction of the GDPR web developers have been looking for new easy ways to ensure that their websites are all GDPR compliant. Many developers have gone as far as creating their own GDPR plugins that are supposed to make sure that sites are compliant. Many of these plugins can be found in Content Management Systems like WordPress.

This week has seen a fatal flaw in WordPress’s own GDPR compliance plugin, this flaw allowed hackers to gain access to the website, which meant they could then go about altering anything on the site, change database values, access personal information, and execute any action that they wished. This flaw has apparently been present for roughly four months so we’d encourage anyone who has this plugin to ensure that your website is protected and that no malicious software has been installed onto the site.


Should Google score your SEO?

Over the past week, Google has released a brand-new tool that will track and score the accessibility and SEO of your website. The web.dev tool that will score your SEO implements another Google tool, Google Lighthouse. This tool is used by web developers and SEOs for auditing a website to ensure that the site is healthy and up to scratch.

But the real question is – should Google score your website’s SEO?

For those who are SEO beginners, this tool will undoubtedly be a good introduction to the practice. But for experienced SEOs the tool probably won’t offer anything that they won’t be able to see with a quick look at the website.


Google search comments?

Google is planning to implement a new feature to their search console – the ability to leave comments on search results. This new feature was announced in an official Google help document that details to users how they can leave and read comments from others. The document also stated that users will be able to comment on live sports events in a live feed of comments.

The comment feature won’t initially be obvious to all Google users. Instead, the Google comment feature will be hidden behind the overview box after completing a search.

The new commenting feature isn’t live yet, however we are expecting this feature to be implemented in December or early 2019.


Google business messaging

This week Google has finally released their Google Maps Business Messaging capabilities. This brand-new feature added to Google Maps means that you won’t have to load up the business’s contact page to leave a message, now you’ll be able to load up Google Maps and message the business directly.

This feature was previously implemented in Google My Business, however it’s now been installed into Google Maps.


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